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Thread: Phantek Ethnoo miniXl case question

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    Phantek Ethnoo miniXl case question

    Anyone done a dual system build in one?

    Long story short...... I have one on the way and have just noticed the dual system says 1xmicroATX and 1 x mini ITX.

    As it happens I have 2 x microATX motherboards (necessary to have these particular boards)

    In any event I was wondering if this case can, with some appropriate 'convincing, fit a microATX in where the miniITX should go. With the 2nd board it is a server board so will be fairly flat - no bulky graphics cards or anything sticking out.

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    Yes I have.. Sadly the answer is no.. Depth isn't the main issue.. The mount area is only the size of the itx board

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