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Thread: Toshiba Satellite Notebook Ideas :)

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    Toshiba Satellite Notebook Ideas :)

    I got a Toshiba Satellite 5205-S503 Notebook from one of my Customers. it has a "Dead Motherboard"
    So I am stripping down the Lappy for the "sweeet" parts

    Hard Drive I will keep "It already has a OS on it that still works" :thumbsup:
    The Ram will be on the chopping block AKA up for Grabbs
    CD drive might be up for grabbs
    CPU I am digging out of the Lappy
    And Last "The LCD"
    Question?? How can I use the LCD?? Mods??Ideas??Test Bench??

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    Toshiba Satellite Notebook Ideas :)

    i have a satellite of my own, and another persons who managed to fry their motherboard by getting creative on trying to "fix" a ruined power cord, i'm lookin fowards to what what you have planned.

    one think i have always wanted to try, putting some white el tape behind the screen to see if that would improve the quality to a noticable level at all.

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    Toshiba Satellite Notebook Ideas :)

    Unfortunatly, there is not much you can do with the LCD screen. Laptop makers usually use propiatary control boards that only work with signals sent from the particular laptop. If you wanted to use that LCD for something, you would have to somehow find a controller that excepts some standard display format (PAL, NTSC, VGA etc.) then hook that up.

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    Toshiba Satellite Notebook Ideas :)

    i've heard those controllers can get up in the $200-$300 range and you have to do a fair bit of wiring

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    Toshiba Satellite Notebook Ideas :)

    Buy a new mobo.. Run the whole thing as an htpc or something.. Mobos are generally far from expensive.. Or just use it as a laptop..

    Since you already have it apart, you could turn the lcd into a screen, add a detachable cord (which would only unfortunately fit into your lappy) and mod a case for it..

    Or, with the money you save on those deals you always find, upgrade that thing into an uber gaming rig.

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