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Thread: Fifth Element Case Mod - Haley Mullins

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    Lightbulb Fifth Element Case Mod - Haley Mullins

    I've had quite a few people request a build log for this pc, so i'm going to attempt to do one!

    So a little bit about me... My names Haley, I am 22, and live in Fort Wayne, IN. I've been working on computers with a friend of mine, James Fislar, since 2012. I have always wanted to mod a computer of my own design, but never had the means. Last year James and I built a PC for Quakecon and placed 4th. After that, I knew that this year was the year I wanted to have a solo build.
    Coming up with a design and theme I cared about was a little intimidating! Specially because there are so many great mods, and themes already done. And I was trying to avoid doing Another Super Hero Mod. Anyways, I am going with The Fifth Element. 1. Because its the greatest movie ever, and 2. Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, amirite?

    Some pre planning.
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    Okay getting to the Build Log.
    This is the system I started with, other then QUITE a few hardware changes moving into the end product.
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    Started removing everything, looking at all the space I had to work with.
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    Thermaltake Corev41 pretty much naked! Very modular and easy to strip down.
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    Lets take those rivets out and see what else can come off!
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    Because Safety IS KEY!
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    At this point I kind of fell off working on the case and started focusing on the KEY points for this mod!
    I wanted to make something no one had done yet, so why not use the element stones as corners for my case!
    I had taken a huge 4x4 and cut it into triangular prisms about 12 inches long each. The first 2 didn't turn out so well but I managed to get 4 all the same size! This picture here is be attempting to start one of the first stone, realizing it was going to take a lot of time and skill to get these lines cut all the way around. I quickly found out that a rotary tool was easier to use, and removed wood a lot faster! All of this work was free hand, and I had never used a wood working tool, or wood for anything before. It was a lot of sanding by the way!

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    3 down, 1 to go. I had invested 2 days, pretty much from the time I got up till 1 in the morning working on these... off and on of coarse.
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    Here are the 4 stones completely cut and sanded, ready to be primed and painted. I had also taken a small tool and made litte cracks and pits and holes in the wood, to make sure when painted I could detail them and make them look like the movies stones with age.
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    After drying and sitting overnight, I was ready to move on to the stone finish!
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    With the stone finish.... I spent probably 3 hours in Lowes deciding what paints to get, and how much, and bought maybe 4 samples of other colors to find what one I wanted. I know the stones are a bit light and do not look like they have much color, but in person they are pretty realistic.

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    This was after I went in by hand with a tiny little paint brush and a darker color paint to detail all the cracks. I think the outcome is awesome and the texture is great. They turned out how I wanted them to!
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    Final 5th Element Stones!

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    Okay back to the case and where the stone come in to play. I decided to cut the 4 corners off the case, which drastically took away my support and stability for the rest of the mod. I started planning to keep 3 sides of my case, but it quickly fell apart when I realized two sides were barely hanging on since I removed the corners! So already, I ran into having to redesign the layout. I am much happier now though! I have figure out what you originally plan and what the computer turns out to be are two different things! Specially when doing scratch builds or this level of a case mod. This is the part before removing two of the sides of the case.
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    Testing out the look of the stones sitting next to the case, before taking off the other side as well.
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    Stones attached the first time, not liking how they were attached, not enough stability and structure was really lose and shaky.
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    Fixed them!!!
    I ended up getting a large piece of black plexiglass, and putting it under the stone, countersinking the screws into the stones and glass. Much more sturdy, and the copper plumbing brackets are flattened, and a lot tighter fitting.
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    So far this is where I am at with the case, I have started planning my watercooling locations, and have got some really awesome Thermaltake Ring fans that are Orange! I did however start doing a little painting.
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    Ram was originally black, but made it shiny and metallic colored!
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    Motherboard will be getting some work, and the watercooling fittings and block!
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