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Thread: Magic Mirror attempt

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    Magic Mirror attempt

    Ok so everyone heard about magic mirror (smart mirror) projects that been circling internet. Yeah it looks pretty cool.
    Take a look at the video (Magic Mirror)
    What i am going to do is try to re-create one of these smart mirrors.

    A scope of the project is to utilize a Victorian style canvas frame in conjunction with LCD screen and Raspberry Pi to create a mirror like environment with visual effects.
    There is no set budget for this project at this time. (lets see how expensive this can get).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Outstanding issues

    Complete Backplate.
    Finish configuring Raspberry Pi.
    Integrate Voice activation with voice commands.
    Re-evaluate power distribution.
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    So i have started by looking at some frames.
    What i originally had in mind is an old Victorian Style canvas frame. Sure it would be heavy however that rich and luxurious look is what i am looking for.

    Name:  IMG_1737.jpg
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    I found this frame at Michaels
    This frame came without anything. And by anything i mean no glass and no backplate.
    Dimensions of this frame opening is 18x24 which is pretty much what i wanted.

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    What makes this frame special is the depth of the inner opening.
    I wanted to have as much room as possible so i can insert the LCD screen with ease.
    Depth of the inner opening is just shy of 1/2 an inch.

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    So for the monitor i have hunted for a bit around the web and found used 24 inch LCD monitor by LG for around 80$.
    Not a bad price if you ask me.
    Name:  IMG_0903.jpg
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    Here is the link to the monitor i bought (Lg 24mp57hq-p)
    Why this guy? Well for a thin bezel really. I tried to keep the idea of monitor being very slim and offer maximum viewing area.
    I think i have failed in this part but i will tell you why later in the write up.
    The io panel of the monitor is vertical. Many people advise on horizontal io panel to be used however i went completely opposite.
    Name:  IMG_1746.jpg
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    The monitor had to be completely stripped from plastic. So i had to take some time and carefully remove everything out of the plastic casing.
    To my surprise, the monitor ended up being longer than actual frame. I was kind of pissed but i had to come up with a fix for what i had fast. What i have to do here is basically extend the inner opening of the frame.
    Name:  IMG_1738.jpg
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    Did i mention this is a hard wood frame? Right, no particle board here. If this was particle board or crappy wooden frame i would had to start from scratch and find a better frame.
    Well lack of right tools, it took me about 2 hours to get the rough opening right.

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    Perhaps most important part in this project is a two way mirror.
    Getting a real two way mirror is pretty pricey. If you are looking for a 18x24 size of real glass mirror, then be ready to dish out some serious cash.
    What i have settled with is 2 Way Mirrored Acrylic Sheet.
    Much much cheaper and easier to work with.
    Name:  IMG_0908.jpg
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    I have ordered 20x28x1/8 sheet from (Tapplastics)Here is the exact part i have ordered.LINK

    Name:  IMG_1740.jpg
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    Not too bad if you ask me.

    What i have done is cut this sheet to fit inside of my frame. Since the sheet is about 1/8 of an inch i had some "wiggle" room inside.
    To stabilize the acrylic sheet, i have picked up a clear glass sheet at Michaels. 18x24 just the right size for the frame. Price... 10$ Best price ever

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    OK its time to stage components and see what we get.
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    Not bad at all.

    So to recap at this point we have....
    Glass 1/8 inch
    2 Way Mirrored Acrylic 1/8 inch
    LCD 1/4 inch
    At this time i am at half an inch and pretty much flushing with the frame.
    Name:  IMG_1751.jpg
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    To keep LCD in place, i had to figure out what to use on the sides of the LCD
    Name:  IMG_1752.jpg
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    I picked up a sheet of foam from Michaels again. (this place knows me by name now)
    Took a few minutes to get the size right. I had to cut the sheet and file it to size.

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    Ok so how to securely keep LCD from coming out from the frame?
    I said that to myself once or twice.
    I went back to the Michaels and picked up some frame pins/stoppers.
    Name:  IMG_1751.jpg
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    Two on each side of the LCD did the trick. However i needed a better way to keep everything in place. Also not to mention my IO board was completely dismounted. (more on this later).

    One issue i noticed with my set up is that the LCD i have does not cover complete viewing angle. What i mean by that is that on both sides of LCD i have an empty space. And when looking trough the front of the mirror i could see LCD light. This would look horrible so i came up with this solution.
    What if i take a white cardboard and cut out a window just right size so that LCD border light wont escape trough the front of the frame.
    Name:  IMG_1787.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1793.jpg
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    Looks good right?
    Nope. Need to paint the white cardboard black. So no white color could be reflected.
    Name:  IMG_1873.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1874.jpg
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    Nothing special here. Just a 98 cents flat black spray paint.
    After couple of coats i was ready to work on the shell and further more secure my io board for the LCD.

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    Because i am going to be adding Raspberry Pi in to the picture, I needed to have some kind of mount or a way to keep everything in place.
    This time i took a trip to Home Depot.
    Item of interest here was Acrylic sheets.

    So my idea to keep everything in place requires an Acrylic sheet that i can secure on top of the LCD and mount IO board and Raspberry Pi on top.
    Sounds doable right?
    Name:  IMG_1875.jpg
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    A few screws later everything was mounted securely with spacing between the LCD and IO board and Raspberry Pi.
    Name:  IMG_1876.jpg
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    Naturally i could just leave the back of the mirror un-protected. I had to build up a small box that would provide walls and support for the internal components.
    Name:  IMG_1867.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1868.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1871.jpg
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    To keep the rear box in place i had to mount it on top of the frame via elbow joints.

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    At this stage i am pretty much done with the enclosure itself.
    Now for the fun time configuring Raspberry Pi.

    Here are some more additional shots of nearly completed mirror.
    Name:  IMG_1877.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1880.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1881.jpg
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    Thanks for the detailed description and pictures! It is evident that you are a professional !! Cool!
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