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Thread: Argentinian Modd - Noganet Stormer

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    Argentinian Modd - Noganet Stormer

    Yes, we do modd computers in Argentina, and it's all very rustic and improvised!
    Hi guys, this is my first self made computer and Mod.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    For starters, here are the parts I used (yes, I was on a budget):
    -Case: Noganet Stormer NG-CP626
    I think it's a local brand, it's really no big deal but it was very cheap and had everything I needed to start: 4 stock fans with leds (not exactly fast or with High SP), HDD sized tray, SSD sized tray, front panel with 2xUSB and mic/aux, and a nice design for such a low end case.
    -PSU: EVGA 600B 80+ Bronze
    Yes it is B series, and yes it is non-modular, but you get what you pay for. I have enough and spare wattage for my current build (and any GPU upgrade, considering the newer versions come with lower consumption), and the spare wires and connectors...I hid them on the covered side, just like the good old mods.
    -Motherboard: Asrock Z97 Pro 4
    Great Motherboard for it's price; again, has everything I need to start, at a much lower price..too bad its heat sinks are blue and don't exactly match the mod's color pattern. Managed to get a decent Overclock even!
    -CPU: Intel I5 4690K
    Couldn't be happier with this bad boy! Stock speed and turbo are pretty decent, and after some Overclocking I managed to get a stable 4.4ghz all-core speed at 1.160V(LLC on and +0,4v offset for chipset total voltage). That's as far as I could push it with my current thermal situation.
    -GPU: EVGA GTX 760 4GB DDR5
    Pretty ****ing decent GPU if we consider the $166 it cost me, on excellent used conditions. It is nothing compared to the new 1000 series, but it does allow me to play any recent game on decent configs...even got some Overlock done for that extra FPS squeeze! (this time I wasn't as lucky as with the CPU).
    -RAM: 4x HyperX Fury 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz
    Not much to say about these: The speed is fine and the MOBO recognized it without even having to tweak a thing; dual channel config and enough memory for any game nowdays. I really wanted to get red ones, but it was for some reason impossible on the entire city.
    -Disk 1: Corsair Force LE 120GB SSD
    First trust leap I took with Corsair...100% worth it. Excelent product for an oustanding price; I originally used it to revive my old laptop until I saved enough for the build. Loads Windows 10 in less than 10 seconds and runs like a charm.
    -Disk 2: Western Digital Blue 7500Rpm 1TB HDD
    I used the Green series before and wasn't dissapointed. This unit has run great so far and the price was pretty decent. Black series did attract me, but I already have the SSD as main disk, which is enough.
    -Cooling Kit: Corsair H60 120mm Watercooler
    This is what excited me the most to install. It's not really a big deal, but for a small case like mine, this is a perfect cooler (I couldn't even fit an EVO 212). It allowed me to OC almost 1Ghz on my CPU and I decided to stop there, at the temperature treshold (in my opinion, at least: 65 degrees while gaming)
    -Case Fans: 2x Corsair SP120 1650Rpm Fans
    Didn't take me long to replace the slow spinning stock fans for faster/more effective ones. I chose this pair because the front intake not only has a filter, but also has the disk bay behind it, so I needed high static pressure fans. They are pretty effective and have matching leds with the lightning. They also connect directly to MOBO, unlike the molex-powered stock ones!
    -Extras: DVD reader/recorder, led stripes connected to a frontal switch, USB WIFI antenna and a soon to come card reader.
    -Peripherals: Corsair M65 RGB mouse with matching pad, Nisuta Gaming Keyboard (no, you never heard of it), Genius GX Cavaminus 7.1 Headset, 5.1 Home Theater (soon to be connected with optical Toslink wire) and a Noblex 24 Inch 1080p TV.
    -SO: Windows 10
    I was so skeptical after Windows 8 failure, but god it is such a smooth running system! Beats the crap out of my old up to date W7. Also DirectX 12 and new age games are honestly orgasmic...and I have only a GTX 760, can't imagine what it's like to run them with a 1080 installed...

    Some more pictures:
    Inside peak
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Site keeps rotating the picture for some reason, but you can see the lightning
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You can see the led stripe on the bottom, while there's an identical one installed, facing it on the upper side. Also, you probably noticed there's a missing case fan on the top...small case problems! It just wouldn't fit after installing the radiator on the back, so I installed only the lightning part of it, after some very rustic modding (not satisfied by the result); might get an 80mm led fan or something in the future.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    As for lightning, so far I only installed some 12V red Led stripes, jumped through a plane-like switch I installed in the front bay, and then fed by a molex connector. I know it doesn't look nice on the front -nor color matching- but it's what I had on hand when I built it.
    I'm planning to change the switch for a less visible-smaller one, or just a remotely controlled Arduino if I dare. Having a spare fan connector on the MOBO does tempt me, but I'm not so certain about the results; I still haven't found a way to completely shut the chassis fans through the BIOS, hence it woudln't exactly work...but that lightning increase as the processor gets stressed seems sexy af. Has anyone ever attempted this before? I wonder.
    I really do want to add another lightning color to combine with red (like blue or purple), but I still don't dare. Plus it's not like you can just get 10cm of led stripe to "test it"; around here you are far better buying a 5m stack and share it with a friend or sell the rest with molex connectors (and actually make profit).

    As for the wires laying around the case: I'm not happy! It already does look a lot better with most of the wires placed through the blind side, but it still doesn't look as neat as I want it to.
    There's some sleeving taking place soon, for as long as my non-modular PSU allows it, at least. The thing is that no shop/online seller has that kind of product in this country, hence you are left with Paracord cable as the only viable option (shipping from other countries is not an option until 2016's August, when they allow imports again). Luckily, there's one shop (only one shop in the whole country, and it's located in another city) that sells the sleeving toolkit; so if need be, I can do the sleeving job for around $55 bucks, without having to wait or import...yet shipping all of it from china would cost like $20/30 (still talking about Paracord low budget sleeving).
    As for the non-modular PSU and the obvious problem sleeving presents when it comes to space, I would only sleeve the visible wires, making it possible and cheaper (is it really cheating? Guilty then).

    *Values are expressed in American dollars. Keep in mind that US$ 1 = 15 Pesos (our currency), and regular prices from up there (America and Europe) actually scale in here, due to the current economical situation and the location. For example: An EVGA 1080 here is priced at $1233 (that's 18500 pesos), while you can get it from Ebay for $850.

    So what do you think? Any suggestions? Thanks for taking the time to read, and comment the link to your mods if you'd like to share!
    -Juan from Argentina (first time ever to hear about a non-Mexican Juan? Don't be surprised, there's many of us).
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    Adapt and overcome.-

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    Excellent post. Thank you very much!!
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