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Thread: Bean with Bacon Megarocket (Commander Keen)

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    Bean with Bacon Megarocket (Commander Keen)

    Hey Guys,

    I'm attending Quakecon for the first time, and wanted to make something special for it.
    My first PC game was Commander Keen, so it is only fitting that its also my first mod.
    Check out the post to see how I brought Commander Keen's ship to life.

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    Here's the final product, for those who just want to see what it looks like.

    Name:  final.jpg
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    - - - Updated - - -

    It all started with a screnshot.

    Name:  BeanBacon.jpg
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    In sketchup, you can import images, and then trace them... after many hours of tracing, and then stretching the model to 3d, I came up with this model

    Name:  BeanBaconEarlyModel.jpg
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    I added in some stock pc parts so I could envision where parts would sit, and scale my mode

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