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    scratch build m-atx

    Starting my scratch m-atx build after about a year of waiting and looking for a case that fits the size and look that I wanted. Unfortunately I never found what I was looking for so I decided to build my own. I have the black acrylic and the clear acrylic I need for the case. I also today made a quick build in sketchup to see how the part might end up fitting together. I am planing on getting waterblocks for the cpu+gpu, 3 240mm PE rad, d5 pump, and EK-RES X3 150mm all from ekwb. I will be using a m-atx motherboard not sure if i am going x99 or z170. For the GPU(s) i will be doing a titan XP unless the 1080 ti comes out before i buy the gpu. I will be updating as I go but I sometimes procrastinate so this might take some time. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to suggest something and all advice is welcomed.
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