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Thread: 3dfx Nightmare Beige Case Mod

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    3dfx Nightmare Beige Case Mod

    I didn't have time to keep a good build log during this build as I was in a rush between preparing for Quakecon and having to travel for work, but here are some pics of the final build. There wasn't a single component on this case that was left original. I call this case 3dfx Nightmare because the bottom PC was designed for a retro rig with 3dfx graphics cards (I keep switching between Voodoo2 SLI and this Voodoo5 5500 that I recently picked up. "Nighmare" comes from the front of the case which I recreated the Quake Nightmare slip gate, which was the portal you enter to select the Nightmare difficulty.

    Unfortunately, while I was at Quakecon, the bottom PC stopped booting. After troubleshooting, it turns out the Motherboard for the Pentium 2 system died on me. I replaced with a spare this morning, and everything booted right up. It was unfortunate because I brought along a CRT monitor and some old gaming peripherals and we were enjoying playing some retro games until it died out.
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    Here is the original case. I picked up off of ebay. Although ANY beige case would have made for a great mod, I was specifically looking for a Super ATX tower to allow me to install two systems in one box.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It didn't win the case mod contest at Quakecon, but I take pride that I did all of the work, by hand, in my garage (except for the powder coating, obviously). I know it isn't a perfect mod, but it was a lot of fun to make it and I was really pleased with the results. I hope you all liked it and please ask any questions you may have regarding the mod process. I'm gonna look through my cell phone to get some of the "in progress" pics and will post them along as well.

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    The photos you share are great. I appreciate your sharing.


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