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    3dfx Nightmare Beige Case Mod

    I didn't have time to keep a good build log during this build as I was in a rush between preparing for Quakecon and having to travel for work, but here are some pics of the final build. There wasn't a single component on this case that was left original. I call this case 3dfx Nightmare because the bottom PC was designed for a retro rig with 3dfx graphics cards (I keep switching between Voodoo2 SLI and this Voodoo5 5500 that I recently picked up. "Nighmare" comes from the front of the case which I recreated the Quake Nightmare slip gate, which was the portal you enter to select the Nightmare difficulty.

    Unfortunately, while I was at Quakecon, the bottom PC stopped booting. After troubleshooting, it turns out the Motherboard for the Pentium 2 system died on me. I replaced with a spare this morning, and everything booted right up. It was unfortunate because I brought along a CRT monitor and some old gaming peripherals and we were enjoying playing some retro games until it died out.
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