Here is a mod I did on my InWin D-Frame Mini. A friend of mine needed me to bring him a gaming rig to Quakecon, so I pulled out a bunch of parts out of storage to make this mod. I only had to buy a CPU (i5 Devil's Canyon), SSD (Samsung 850 Pro), some acrylic sheets to make the custom paneling (maybe $15-20 worth), and some vinyl for doing the wraps on the panels and then some for the craft cutter. Lastly was $10 worth of para cord for the cabling. I already had the motherboard that was recycled from an HTPC that I took apart, and it already had a Samsung 850 EVO MSATA SSD with a wifi/bluetooth card already installed.

I made a "shield" to cover the motherboard, as it was a super budget Mini-ITX board. I then created a cover for the motherboard tray for me to mount the SSD on and to hide any cable routing. Lastly, I made a radiator shroud just to finish everything off. I did all of the acrylic cuts either by hand or with a router table, and I used a heat gun to make the bends in the different parts.

I then decided to take the black and red theme to the extreme and powder coated the chassis and power supply cover. It is a multi-coat application. The bottom is "black frost", which is basically the exact same stuff as "silver vein". Instead of a normal clear coat over the black frost, I applied a coat of transparent "lollipop red". I've used this combination on some guitar pedals before and always wanted to use it on a computer chassis. I was not disappointed. Powder coating for this chassis cost me about $80, so not bad considering how it turned out. The rear cabling needs some organization since I can't really hide anything.