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Thread: Cooler master mastercase 5 racing gaming pc build

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    Painted the Koolance GTX 980 blocks, bridges, and back plates the Porsche 917 GULF Racing Blue.

    Dismantled blocks

    Primer coat

    Water block Bridge

    GULF Racing Livery Factory Blue Paint

    Koolance GTX 980 waterblocks with final coat

    GPU and motherboard cables will be sleeved in Burnt Orange paracord from Ensourced, I'll be making billet combs for them,

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    CES 2017 commitments have temporarily derailed the progress on my PC, but I was able to score CORSAIR RMi Series RM1000i for $102 shipped, and last piece of hardware on my to-do-list is the SSDs
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    OOOOOOO love it, Shines like a mother ;D

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    Thank you! Finally back from other commitments and*got to fill the loop last night for leak testing. Only remaining items on*to-do-list are*connecting all of the cables,*installing SSD and Operating System.

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    MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! ....2016 was a crazy time for me. My personal stuff always gets shelved. Along with the AMD Radeon Tank, I had to finish this ROGUE ONE Corsair 600C for CES here,

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    Back at the workbench today, I created a PSU shroud for my Cooler Master Mastercase 5 build. It's made from 1/8" thick cast acrylic with embedded magnets I found on ebay, I drilled holes and glued on two legs with weld-on acrylic cement for easy on/off installation. Next step is painting the shroud gulf racing blue and draping over the orange stripe onto the shroud.

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    Slow progress is better than no progress.. ha! Found time this week to get the Mastercase PSU shroud painted to match the chassis. Here is the plate with and without the gulk racing stripe and just after applying the gloss clear coat

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    I worked on my SLI bridge mod over the weekend. Replace green nvidia logo with transparent orange acrylic window, I'm looking for GULF pin to mount over the LED, so it's illuminated from behind. Here is some of the progress photos

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    Posted video of my SLI Bridge mod yesterday

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    EEL Ambiense & Noobas4rus got me really interested in customizing mech keyboards after we did this Keyboard Modding Hangout

    EEL suggested a good mech KB that allowed custom keycaps for my Mastercase Racing 5 gaming PC setup, I've given my Qisan Magicforce "Blue ICE Crystal" 108-Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard custom keycaps that compliment my GULF RACING Porsche 917 theme.

    The Magicforce Mechanical keyboard utilizes GATERON black key switches. It's really nice deal for $69.99,

    EEL helped me with the layout for the gulf racing theme custom key cap order, $53.75 shipped from from WASD,

    Shift key was replaced with STICK SHIFT,
    Escape = PIT
    Backspace key = PADDOCK
    Windows key = GULF OIL logo
    Function key is number 5, for Mastercase 5 racing.

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