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    Wink The Camaro casemod

    My 10 Year old son Dylan had been getting hooked on the show West Coast customs and was enjoying drawing car designs on his sketchpad. He was very interested in trying his hand at some modding. Now I dont know much about cars but computers well! Its been around 12 years since I last modded a pc, life and kids and other sports had got in the way, time to dust off the garage and get out the tools.
    So we began to put some ideas together on a project to Pimp up his pc West Coast Customs Style.

    Dylan had begun researching on Youtube and came across JP Modified and became a huge fan watching all the vids..(on repeat).. So we used a few of JP's ideas for shrouding etc and set to work on the case.

    The case we used was a Corsair Spec Alpha which fit out existing idea for a design like a glove. With Out of the box colour scheme matched in with Dylans Desire to do a Red and White Camaro. The case comes with some nice fans and manual and for the price tag is a great all rounder.

    We really hope you like the build was great fun getting back into modding now my son is into it too. Please watch the vid bellow which is the full build. subs like etc

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    Be rude not to do a matching monitor for the rig

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