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Thread: Modding advice needed

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    Modding advice needed

    Been trying to buy Cooler Master Stacker (RC-810-SSN1 or RC-810-SKN1) but it looks like an impossible task, so ready to find substitute. I require case with minimum 9 external/exposed 5.25" drive bays (was hoping for 11), & steel or aluminum construction. Closest I could find is Cooler Master Storm Trooper (SGC-5000-KKN1). Need to know just how much modding it will require. I have HDD mobile racks (SNT-125B and Startech HSB110SATBK), both require case that uses screw-mounting of hard drives. I suspect the drive cages of SGC-5000-KN1 will not fit the mobile racks. How difficult would it be to junk the drive cages, and modify the case to use screw-in mounting? How difficult to remove the USB 3.0 ports, and replace them with 2.0 ports...and add eight more ports in the back? I'd also need to add another eSATA port somewhere, and a couple of firewire ports too. Never modded before, so I'd likely give the easy stuff a try, but save the hard jobs for the custom-build shop.

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    Instead of buying a case and modding it why don't you custom design a case. A few years back I built a rack mount PC for my brother. I designed the rack case with the help of sheet metal fabricators. The case was designed in such a way to improve airflow in the rack and reduce the fan noise. I would suggest you to see if any local custom case designers near you. Well, the decision is upon you.

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