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Thread: Custom Made Bed

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    Custom Made Bed

    Hey, I've worked on this project for a while; I kind of put it on the back burners over the summer, but it's done now. Total, it took me an estimated 30 hours of labor to make this thing, and I'm more than happy with how it turned out..

    BTW. Senior says these pics are bad, so more on request..

    It's a bed up in the crawl space of my basement, I'm making a custom ladder to go with it, so I can get rid of the work ladder. The outlet will have a wall plate, so the rough edges around won't be visible..
    Yes there is a pipe there, it will be soon hand painted, and a sound barrier will be in place behind it..

    Overall, the bed is a queen size foam mattress, with new sheets and a new comforter, and sleeps like a dream. I'm talking sound proof, soft, dark (a must), and comfy beyond belief.

    I put velvet down around the entrance, so you don't hurt your knees climbing in.. That's the house support beam in the first pic, so I couldn't cut into it.

    I'm also building a door, louver style with the same paneling that can be seen in the first pic.

    Questions and comments always appreciated. Happy modding! (BTW, this should make my attention go more to my case mod now )

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    Custom Made Bed

    very cool, in fact very cat like, hiding place that is comfy to sleep in, if you have ever had a cat you know they find the most secluded place to hide and sleep.

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    Custom Made Bed

    wow, nice! wish i had that sleeping place ive just got an ordinary room lol (although i could go and hide in the cupboard if i needed

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    Custom Made Bed

    Lol, I could see you in there a lot if you play Fear..:lol:

    Thanks for the replies

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    Custom Made Bed

    bah! my computer cant play fear and that was before my GPU died!

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