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Thread: Black Treassure -- be quiet dark base pro 900

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    Black Treassure -- be quiet dark base pro 900

    Hey everyone,

    I am back with another project log for you, hope you enjoy whats comning,and please feel free to comment

    This time i will be working in the be quiet dark base pro 900 which in my opinion is one Badass case with Badass features,

    Huge Thank you goes out to bequiet for providing me with the Case,Fans and Powersupply,
    And huge Thank you to my friend over @

    The theme around this beauty of a case is simple ,black and put on some coloured accents here and there,

    i will simply call it black treassure since i think it will fit the case and the overall endresult.


    CASE: Bequiet Dark Base Pro 900
    FANS:Beqiet Silent wings 3,

    MB:Asus Maximus VII Hero
    GPU:Asus Strix 1080
    CPU:Intel 4790K
    RAM:16Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum
    PSU:Corsai HX1000i
    HDD:1x256 Samsung 950pro nvme, [OS] [Watercooled]
    2x256 Samsung Evo [RAID0] [GAMES]
    1x2TB Western Digital [STUFF]

    Pump:Aquacomputer Aquastream Ultimate
    RES:Alphacool 100ml res
    RAD:2x 360mm ,1 x 140mm,1x 240mm
    CPU:EK Supremacy EVO [Gold Plated]
    NVME:: Aquacomputer Kyro Copper edition

    Enjoy the possibilitys of the case ,and therefore do a reverse installment
    of the mainboard ,
    Delidd my cpu,
    Custom Psu cover,
    Custome Cover for some cable area,
    (and some more ,when it comes to mind)

    Case Unboxing and getting it readdy for reverse mounting.

    Enjoying the Flexibility of the case , preparing it for reverse mount

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    The first thing i am going to do for this Build is delidding my 4790k and improve the thermal compound on the die with some liquid metal Coolaboratory Liquid Pro )pro since it is supposed to be 2 degrees better :/ )

    All this was done with the Der8auer Delidd Die Mate,
    Way to easy...

    Also Changing Waterblocks -- going from a Bitspower Summit ef to a
    EK Supremacy Evo Gold

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    Nice choice for the case. Glad to see a removable tray make a comeback. Love your work man, I can't wait to see what you have planned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crowTrobot View Post
    Nice choice for the case. Glad to see a removable tray make a comeback. Love your work man, I can't wait to see what you have planned.
    Thank you,
    and yes i am glad to see a removeable tray once again 🙂

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    Hey everyone ,

    Friday is finally here,cant wait to do some work on this build over the weekend

    Lets start it off with the amazing casefans i will be using in this build,

    Bequiet Silent Wing 3

    Damn they look premium.

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    Project Dark Treassure Continues....
    in the awsome Be Quiet Dark Base 900 Pro
    have been working on a custom psu cover out of acrylic,made two
    Since i was not really satisfied with the psu cover i thought why not redo it (and improve)
    I think it turned out great ,next i will have to figure out a nice paintjob for it and some decoraion .

    Keep u posted..

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    Well since i recently aquired myself a Samsung 950pro nvme Drive,
    i thought after some playing around i should watercool it,

    These nvme drives get pretty hot around 60 degrees while playing mafia 3 for a couple of hours,and i donīt want that kind of heat around my cpu or GPU,

    So i got myself a waterblock with some germa evngineering from Aquacomputer.
    This block is a beast.

    Here a few shots

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    So the cover is all done ,
    All this was done with one 6mm thick acrylic,and then primed and painted with some car paint (matt black)

    Also made a cover for the Drivebays and by that also make it possible to strap 4 120Gb ssdīs on that (which i already strapped into a raid0 configuration to give me a little faster loading times while loading my steam library )

    now i have to wait for my gpu block to arrive so i am able to watercoolmy Asus 1080 Strix and get som overclocking done
    and some more fans together with a Psu .

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    Gpu waterblock arrived had to strap it on

    and now some oc to test out the difference.

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    Fillport is installed

    installing some more badass fans from Be quiet in total 10 fans are in this case already 🙂

    also installing the Powersupply for some maaad power efficiency with that platinum rating 😎

    Again Huge thank you to Be quiet for making this possible.

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk

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