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Thread: IN WIN DUKE (IN WIN D-Frame 2.0 custom build) by SimpleModz

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    IN WIN DUKE (IN WIN D-Frame 2.0 custom build) by SimpleModz

    Hi guys,

    Alex here back with another build log! I think it's been a while since I've been on the forums now, a lot of stuff has been happening!

    I'm very happy however to bring you guys another build log with the very exclusive IN WIN D-Frame 2.0 NVIDIA Edition chassis! I am super excited to be working on this build as I find this chassis absolutely stunning! I'm not sure if there are many NVIDIA edition versions of this case around at the moment, I definitely know that this is the only one in Australia which makes it a huge privilege so I hope I can do it justice with a nice build in it!

    The mods are not gonna be anything too crazy as I really don't want to change much on such a stunning case nor do I want to paint or drill into it! I will be creating some custom panels from acrylic and adding some nice vinyl effects as people that follow my work have come to expect from my builds!

    I'm calling this one IN WIN DUKE, simply because the frame resembles the inner chassis of a Ducati motorcycle so nice and easy with the name there!

    It's an honour again to be able to do this and have the opportunity to work with such amazing companies. The sponsors on this build are IN WIN, NVIDIA, ASUS, Western Digital, AVEXIR, Bitspower, CableMod and for the first time ever for one of my builds, INTEL, with a very unexpected package as you will from the specs below!

    You can find more information about the respective vendors in the links below and follow their channels if you wish:

    Intel -
    NVIDIA -
    ASUS -
    IN WIN -
    Western Digital -
    AVEXIR -
    Bitspower -
    CableMod -​​​​​​​

    Hope you guys enjoy this one!


    Case – IN WIN D-Frame 2.0 NVIDIA Edition
    Motherboard – ASUS X99 Deluxe II
    CPU – Intel Core i7 6950X
    Memory – 8 x 4GB AVEXIR Core White & Green LED DDR4
    GPU – 2x NVIDIA GTX 1080 Founders Edition
    SLI - NVIDIA 3-Slot High Bandwidth Bridge
    SSD – 120GB AVEXIR S100 Green LED
    HDD - 4TB Western Digital Red Pro
    PSU – In Win S-III 1065W

    Cables & LEDs - CableMod

    Radiators – 360mm Bitspower Leviathan Extreme, 2 x 120mm Bitspower Leviathan Slim
    Fans – 5 x In Win Aurora 120mm fans
    Pump – Bitspower DDC Plus with Bitspower Premium DDC Mod Top
    Reservoir – 2 x Bitspower Hexagon Reservoirs
    Fittings – Various Bitspower Black Sparkle Fittings
    Tubing – Bitspower Crystal Link 16mm PETG
    CPU/MB Block – Bitspower AIX99D Full Cover Water Block

    And without any further delays, here's a good look at the case and fans that arrived from IN WIN!

    Thanks for checking it out guys and stay tuned for more!


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    Hi guys,

    Welcome back

    Just some quick photos of the gorgeous ASUS X99 Deluxe 2 motherboard which will house the 6950X monster!

    I really love the redesign of this motherboard. Reinforced PCI-E slots, M.2 support and some nice RGB LED additions.

    I'll have to remove that pink sticker :P

    That's pretty much it, nice and quick for this one! I'll keep the pics and hardware pr0n going hehe



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    Hi guys,

    Here are some quick photos of the Bitspower hardware I am using in this build. You will find some very interesting looking reservoirs

    For the radiators I've chosen 2 x 120mm instead of 1 x 240mm because I just want to make a feature out of them in the front of the case. Might look more interesting with a tube running between them than with just a single 240mm

    Thanks for checking it out and stay tune for more!



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    Hey guys,

    I have the full cover water block from Bitspower mounted to the ASUS X99 Deluxe II motherboard and the interesting thing about this is that the full cover block was designed for the first generation ASUS X99 Deluxe however still perfectly fits on the Deluxe II

    This is definitely a great thing to know that the PCB design hasn't changed!

    Check out the pics below, the full cover water block definitely looks awesome!

    Thanks for checking it out!



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    Hi guys,

    Here are some pr0n shots of the gorgeous NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition graphics cards! I know you may have seen these before but I absolutely love the look of the cards. I always liked the reference design however when they release the new Founders Edition with the 10 series I just feel in love. I love them so much I am leaving them air cooled at the start in the build before I water cool them.

    Check them out!


    Thanks for checking it out!



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    Hi guys,

    Just thought to add the motherboards and memory into the mix!

    I think it's a very nice looking combo! What do you guys think?

    Thanks for checking it out!



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    Getting hardware in the case

    What do you guys think?

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    I always need a drool bucket when I look at your worklog. lol

    BTW, your photos are pretty damn sweet too. What lens are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crowTrobot View Post
    I always need a drool bucket when I look at your worklog. lol

    BTW, your photos are pretty damn sweet too. What lens are you using?
    Hahaha thanks a lot man

    I'm using a Panasonic GH4 with one of the kit lenses that comes with it. It's really good, love this camera for photos and videos! The lens is 12-35 f2.8

    I'm super keen to get the Metabones adapter for it so I can use other lenses than Panasonic ones, will see how I go but I've had the camera for nearly a year now and love it

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    Hi guys,

    I did an overview video on the case which give you a good look at it's features and design and I also talk a bit about what inspired the IN WIN D-Frame chassis

    Hope you guys enjoy! If you like my content please like the video and subscribe. Also if you check out the channel you will see further content on the build which I already released since the build log is a bit behind as the build had to be finished for a PAX Australia display.

    Check out the video below:



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