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Thread: Lil bit o' help needed

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    Lil bit o' help needed

    Well I did some moving last week and got my net set back up. But now my browsing speed is really touch and go. Sometimes its quick other times i have the mash the refresh button. I can't see certain images on some sites for some reason, they just wont load. I can't really think of whats causing this immense lag and lack of pictures loading. My overall bandwith is fine... Any help is much beloved.

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    Lil bit o' help needed

    cable, DSl dialup?

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    Lil bit o' help needed

    Yeah, some more info plz? And how is it with games? Is your ping like senior's (150-200)?

    Do you use an extra pci card (lan card/modem card) or mobo connectors? Anychance it got shockeded?

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    Lil bit o' help needed

    RoadRunner cable net. My ping is fine in games. Its an onboard I'm using a biostar 939 TForce 4 U, with the NF4 ultra chipset. The nic uses nvidia drivers.

    [Edit] Just installed fresh drivers and that seemed to do it, although I wonder why the drivers i got from the cd would bottleneck the connection like that?

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