Hi there Modding folks,

iam new here and having my first modding project, but i will show you later, at first my question as i cant find a good idea on the www

i bought myself a "Mr. Nuc" which is a chinese version of a usual NUC mini-itx pc

iam thinking about getting myself a Liquid cooling system for this little critter as it has a intel i3 4010U, 8GB RAM and HD4400

here you have at least a view from the bottom, not the top where a usual cpu fan is added which works for a lets call it "office work"

My problem here is, do you have any recommendations for a usefull liquid cooling system or how to add a usual 1155 liquid cooling with external radiator to such a small system ???

As you can roast bacon on it when i run e.g. a "good" game on it , iam actually not sure how to even put such a cooling system on it when there is not much space to do so...

Any Idea is appreciated... as this is my first "little" case mod...

to at least show you where this little one is added - let me show you, it was a random idea, as i was asked why i dont have a viola case as iam wearing suits very often...

This viola case has the Mr. Nuc, a 10 inch Touchscreen, is able to be without external power with a UPS battery, a small but very awesome USB sound and anything else with Bluetooth

Thanks in advance ...

- LordCalf