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Thread: Extra screen in case

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    Extra screen in case

    Hello everybody i am very new to the modding comunity
    a year ago i upgraded my pc already to an amd fx 9590 and 1060 strix
    now a month ago i bought the thermaltake x9 case.
    and last week i orderd some aluminum plates to close of the holes on the side where the hdd racks where and the top next to the motherboard plate so on it the new watercooling componments can house there

    Now on the side panel i was planning to build in a 5.5 inch or a 7 inch display (colored) i see alot of ppl do that to get the fan`s rpm and tempratures on it
    my question is what screens do they use for it i heard about usb vga and hdmi screens wich one is the best?

    Edit and question 2
    I have tryed out the fittings witch is PETG hardtubes and alphacool compression fittings is it normal that they only go in like 3 or 4 mm and you can pull em out again ?

    Thanks Johan
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