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Thread: up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    ok i am about to build a htpc to hook up to my 32" lcd thur dvi.i want to know yall input on somethings.I want to know what is the best video card and tv turner card.I also want to know if mce would be a good os for it or just us are some pics of the case i have order.I have order the cpu,mobo and hsf and the ram.I still need to get a video card and tv turned.a newer dvd burner,other 512 chip of ram,get a better psu and get a bigger hdd like maybe a 250gig hdd.please give me yalls input on this project.Also the case will be painted flat black on the outside and the inside will be paint a with glow in the dark paint.

    here are the specs for the project

    cpu-Intel Celeron D 310 Prescott 2.13GHz 256KB L2 Cache Socket 478

    mobo-ECS 848P-A (V2.0) Socket 478 Intel 848P

    ram-BUFFALO Select 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400

    hdd-Hitachi 80.0GB 7200RPM 8mb buffer

    keyboard&mouse combo- Adesso 2.4GHz RF Wireless Mini USB

    dvd burner-sony i forget the spec on the sony dvd burner

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    What's the budget for a video card? I don't know much about htpcs but I assume the all-in-wonders are supposed to be nice..

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    The newest x1900 AIW cards are pretty nice and I think they can record HD (over the air only most likely). Thats if you plan to do PVR.

    If not chose any video card and either this
    ATI HDTV wonder or something similar like a Hauppage or something. I haven't looked at these in a while so there may be better ones out now.

    I personally have a AIW9700 pro that works fine for me. However I don't PVR and was thinking of upgrading to a 7900AGP card. Just because I never use the tuner or any of the other features because I have the TV hooked up to a HD cable box already. This signal is encrypted so I couldn't feed it through my card anyways. Well I could put the cable straight in but I would probably only get standard channels. So a regular video card may work fine for you too depending on your setup. A DVR from your cable supplier is usually only 6 bucks extra a month anyways.

    For OS xp works but it is just a pain to navagate around in from the couch. Windows Media center is supposed to be much easier for this. Most of my friends use WMC it for thier HTPC's. I use regular xp because I'm too lazy to switch it over.

    The HD is a good start but you will find that you will fill that up fast with movies, music and media. Just my experience.

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    I just got this:
    Off of in their woot-off for $8!

    Good stuff, and now I have an interactable PVR.

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    i am trying be get the cheapest parts i can because i dont have the much exta money right now to spend on parts but i want a cheap but good video card and cheap but good tv is the video card i am thinking about getting and here is the tv turner
    i got all my parts in that i ordered still got to get the bigger hdd,video card and tv turner.I have all ready got the case all apart and got all the parts that i wanted painted flat black,the only thing lefted to paint is the inside with the glow in the dark paint.Ill post some pics later when i have some time prob. this weekend


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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    Your PVR card only goes up to 720x480 just so you know.. That's not very good.

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    well i have done some thinking and the computer i just put together for the htpc project is going to be setup as my main computer and the main computer that i have is going to be the htpc and here is why it faster then what i just put togheter,2nd it has a bigger hdd,has a bigger video are the spec for the htpc now.the only thing i will be changing is the tv tuner card the one i have not it sux big time so i am looking for a better one.give me yalls input on the new specs.i also have some pics of what it looks like too.still need to clean up some of the wires.the htpc will be hooked up to my 32" lcd tv thur thr dvi hook up

    pc chips 478skt motherboard
    hitachi 250gb hdd
    intel celeron d cpu 3.06ghz
    kingston ddr400 pc3200 1gb (512x2)
    logisys all clear 550watts psu
    geforce 512mb video card
    creative sound blaster audigy 4 sound card
    creative inspire 7.1 speaker system
    sabrent tv tuner/fm tuner card
    enhance modware hsf
    aspire black x-cruiser case that i paint the inside red and changed out the fans and fan grills
    card reader
    fan control

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    Lookin sexay.. not a bad rig either.. Which video card is it?

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    Hehe, just a side note mad mod man, that's the same case as my old computer. I'm using the CM stacker with a side window now. The steel wasn't strong enough for my watercooling. Before I did WC though it held together well and was a nice case .

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    up and coming htpc project needs yalls input

    the video card i have is the XFX GeForce 6200 with 512mb

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