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Thread: Project Tattoo Flash (tower 900)

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    Project Tattoo Flash (tower 900)

    Long post, but quick build I had to get done quickly and in time why waiting on parts for other builds, project titled tattoo flash.

    First up a big thank you to the sponsors of the build.

    Simple object of the build was to get a tattoo flash like theme and have two separate loops, having access to the Dremel 3d40 3dprinter two was going to enable me to hide the wires as best as I could too, and as the case was the Thermaltake Tower 900 this was going to be a challenge I wanted.

    Thermaltake also sent over the watercooling components and the PSU for me to get this build done.

    Second up was the motherboard, I wanted to make sure this tied in to what I was trying to do so step up the gigabyte X99 ultra Gaming that will be used with the Intel 5960X.

    The other items in the list were 2x nvidia GPUs which I had laying around from a previous project so it was just the SSD, M2 and memory to add, Lucky for me Apacer stepped up with these.

    Apacer sent me a very nice care package consisting of a Apacer M2 z280 and 2x AS340 SSDs to cover the storage they also sent 4x 3000mhz DDR4 Panther gold sticks.

    Anyway enough of the hardware let us just move straight onto the build and what I have done
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    Now onto the interesting part, I wanted to do something with the motherboard due to the cables that would be on show in the tower 900 so I decided to custom make and print some covers to hide these.

    First off I done a couple of test prints for this to cover the sides, this was followed by a bottom section to cover the sata ports and the others (in tower 900 the board is at 90 degrees so the bottom is where mobo power is now).

    So test prints were ok and what I had planned, so time to add some skulls to the reservoir, here is what I came up with.

    First test print was not that great as the skull did not go over the top of the res, but easily corrected as you will see later, so moving onto the gpu block.

    Now the gpu block covers were done, I would have to add something as I needed a sli bridge and what better way that to print something that tied into the tattoo flash theme than this.

    I also wanted to do a custom fan grill too as one fan is clearly visible in the tower 900.

    Next after doing the majority of the printing, I wanted to add something to the windows here is what I went with on the two side windows.

    The Left side window I went for a dragon design, while the right side window was a

    Pheonix, onto the front window and I had a simple design that ended up adding more on the sides there was these

    And ill leave the final pics of the middle section until next post which will be final ones.

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    Well it was a quick build so here are the final photos of project tattoo flash.

    Just from this photo alone I believe you can see that I managed to hide the cables as much as possible

    I like the way it came out in the end and enjoyed using 3d Printing for the first time in a build, I know this build wont be someone's cup of tea as the saying goes but I am proud of it and learned some new things with regards to 3d printing. I hope you enjoyed this quick build.

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