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Thread: Custom Etched Ring

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    Custom Etched Ring

    Hey guys, just finished another project of mine, a very small one this time... I made an etched ring for my father.. I didn't take any before pics, partly because I didn't think of it right at that instant. You aren't missing much.. It was a non-polished silver ring, that I've been wearing for a little while now with many scratches, that I bought for $5 with this intention.

    I etched "The Moment is a Masterpiece" into it.. It's lyrics from one of my favorite songs by Kansas.. It pertains to my dad in that he has been a practicing Buddhist for some 11 odd years now, and this is one of his favorite topics (i.e. living in the moment and time doesn't exist)..

    It was a simple procedure.. I just used the grinding block bit for the dremel to bore down all of the scratches, then I used a sanding bit to make the brushed metal look into it, going parallel to the edge. The pics aren't very good, not because I suck at taking pics (ahem.. Senior), but because the camera only has digital zoom, so I either get close (making the pic fuzzy) or zoom in (making the pic VERY fuzzy).


    It's doubtful that you can see the etching, but the word "Moment" is side up, in both my hand and the box.

    Comments and questions appreciated.

    BTW the girl down there is a good friend of mine, not some chick I found on the net (as some have implied) heh.

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    Custom Etched Ring

    Wow, that's actually really cool o.O. I'd sorta like to etch a ring for myself maybe...Sometime. So...How'd ya etch it though? Dremel seems to big and to messy xD.

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    Custom Etched Ring

    I have/use a cordless.. The finger grips are so much more convenient than any other Dremel I've ever used.. which, I have to admit, is limited.. but still true.

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