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Thread: fun lil char lcd

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    fun lil char lcd

    now i cant say why, but i really love givin teasers.

    this is my LCD at the moment, i'm in the process of whipping up an external casing and doing the final wiring for it to all look nice externally.

    this weekend i'll have a guide of the entire process with this LCD.

    and of course, lots of pics.

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    fun lil char lcd

    20x4? Fun.. Where'd ya get it and all that jazz?

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    fun lil char lcd

    hmm sexy ^_^

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    fun lil char lcd

    yeah i should hopefully have it done tomorrow. i'm gonna pick up some serial ends and wire the rest of it up

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    fun lil char lcd

    hey guys, heres the guide, i cut it kinda short towards the end because i had some more stuff going on at the moment. but tonight i'm gonna get some pics of the thing actually working and post some pics then. enjoy.

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