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Thread: Supah post count math..

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    Supah post count math..

    em3bilko is the highest poster on the forums with 716 posts. I'm #9, but i have the highest post rate on the forums, at 4.13 posts/day... Provided that I have my current 248 (now 249 with this post) posts, and that he has a constant post rate of his current 3.43 posts/day, I found howlong it'll be before I pass him, and how many posts we will have when that happens..

    248 + 4.13x = 716 +3.43x
    .7x = 468
    x = 668 days
    668 days = 21 months
    21 months = 1.75 years

    248+(4.13*668)=3007 posts for me and 3006 for him!

    and it'll happen July 2008!


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    Supah post count math..

    All I have to say about this is that you must have a lot of time on hand. This is funny. Thanks for the laugh. Now you can add another one for me.

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    Supah post count math..

    Yeah.. today I had some people come in and install new carpet, so I browsed on the lappy for like 7 hours..

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    Supah post count math..

    wish i knew how to do math

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