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Thread: [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    [PROJET "CRAZY BLOBZ"] // ...A.Bistro

    First of all, Hello to all my olds friends

    Pix now clickable....

    [Le setup]
    Mobo: Asrock K8NF4G
    CPU: AMD 64 3200+ socket 754
    Ram: CRUCIAL Ballistix Tracer PC4000 2x1 giga
    Vidéo: ATI X1600pro PCI-E
    HDD: Barracuda 120 gigas
    DVD RW SONY dw-Q520a - slim

    The PSU will come soon, i'll use a shuttle one.

    Pumpstation 1A-COOLING
    Waterblock CPU: XX-Flow Innovatek
    radiator: Bix
    Fan: for the next up
    Tubing: Innovatek orange fluo (thanks Osiris)

    The pumstation and the rad were in ghettho status
    After a p1200 sanding they looks better. They 'll be
    black painted.

    The waterblock need more sanding, he look good now.

    This mod is made in collaboration with
    thanks to them

    The start object is the same than in my previous mod ("40&#34

    mod "40"

    The rack display VARTA, the box (next pic) is steady on the

    I'm planning on making something different but in the same spirit.
    This time the baby will be watercooled. Not an easy thing to do regarding
    the mensurations of the box.

    [size of the box]
    height : 42 cm
    width (top and bottom): 24 cm
    width (middle) : 29 cm
    depth : 15 cm (nearly a CD DRIVE)


    I will use all the mess i'll can find in my workshop..plexi, alu, and of
    course mesh , under all her forms.
    I've some leds in stock.


    Dremel multipro, drill, sander, jig-saw, arms, beers....

    [Le principe...]

    The pumpstation will be on a little tablet made from smoked brown plexi.
    The plexi is a little damaged but it wont be really seen.
    The pumpsation will stick out from the top of the box.
    The radiator will be on the bottom with a fan over it, the airflow will be from the inside to
    the outside.
    The fact that the box is totally in mesh will help for the functioning......i hope.

    Tablet for the pumpstation

    I started very soon this morning, fortunatly i was wearing my warm blue sweat and my cool hornet...

    Dremel cut on the top

    and on the back

    a senfu will be added on the front. The senfu will check the CPU temp

    [For the feets...]

    For the feets I've saw the 2 verticals tubes

    Of course they wont stay like that

    [The thing "idontknowthename" use for the brackets PCI..]

    The "idontknowthename" has been retrieve from an old case

    [For the DVD RW...]

    I decided to run for a slim dvd rw

    The little adaptator fixing is strengthened with double face

    Cut for the dvd and lucky me .. the dvd thickness is just 2 lines on the mesh

    .fr/article/dvd06s.jpg" alt="" />

    fast fixing for testing.

    [A first black painting, just to add some happyness and color...]

    [Camouflage of the pumpstation]

    This part made from mesh will be on the top of the case, on the pumpstation.

    [Support for the tube IN]

    Realise with smoked plexi and with "anotherIdontknowthename", used to avoid the door to hurt the

    wall . Whith a led indahass, will look good.

    [a bunch of deco]


    hour H of the beginning of the Blobz's invasion......

    They arrived from everywhere !!.. some of them have eyes ..

    [End of episode 1]

    thanks for reading or at least for scrolling, sorry for my still stange english.
    rendez-vous for the next update...
    something strange is happening.....

    to be continued......

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    Why hello there stranger , Welcome to Modders-Inc. Its been a while since we've seen you. Mods are looking great.

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    Watch out the MadMan is at it Again :lol: SWEEET MOD!

    Welcome MI

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    Excellent work. It's good to see you back at it again. I get warm fuzzies.

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    I like how it's coming along. Thanks for sharing and I'll keep an eye open for more updates.

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    thank u all

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    looks a bit like my vacuüm cleaner heh .. I LIKE IT

    nice jobz0rz

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    Hou Kola Alonso
    Good to see you my old friend

    Thanks for coming by and posting your worklog, looking forward to seeing more

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    CRAZY BLOBZS part 2

    Hi all
    After weeks (monthes... :worried: ) of busy life... I'm back with an update

    For beginning this second part, it's necessary to announce some changes in the setup. Disc PATA of 120 GB was transformed into 320 GB SATA, the 3200+ (754) changed into a 3700+(939), the mobo always comes from Asrock but becomes a 939S56-M. The RAM arrived, 2x1 giga PC4000 Ballistix Tracer - big thanks to CRUCIAL . The power supply unit also arrived, it is a 300W used in the Shuttle xpc. These changes intervened recently and the first pics still contain the previous setup. We had been left in full invasion of blobzs, it would seem that they left as quickly as they arrived…. in short, exit the blobzs for the moment, we will see later if they reappear, I'm functioning (like usually) in improvisation's mode, nothing does not say that I'll wont re-examine them before the end.

    This second part won't be very spectacular, now all the hardware is ready, and I considere this part as the real beginning. Next parts will be more fun.

    We will attack directly in the fat via a small "how-to" on sleeving a fan, in fact a AKASA-AK-183 L2B. I particularly appreciate the silence (18dba), the good CFM (44,8), and the color amber of these fans.

    To start, pull out the wires from the connector using a pointed ustensil on the small pins
    of the connector, and draw back wires . I draw a small black spot with a pen on the connector on the side of the black wire, that allows me to
    remember the order of wires to reassemble the connector correctly.
    The black wire side of the black spot and the red wire always beside the black wire.

    Then to facilitate the passage of the three wires in the sleeve cover them
    with painter's tape.(or other, but the painter's tape can be removed more
    easily).Time to starts the introduction of the wires into the orange sleeve.

    continue to thread almost until the end.

    then it is necessary to have two smalls pieces of heatshrink, like those which I had much
    problems to shoot.

    then introduces a piece of heatshrink until the end by taking care to cover
    the orange sleeve, and gently heats with a lighter without burning the
    heatshrink (the better is being the heatgun).

    n090s.jpg" alt="" />

    If you take some pics, don't forget to clean your nails , then use small girl
    pink cutter to redress the small pins, as on the pics. Introduce the second
    piece of heatshrink , plug the wires in the connector, listen to the 'clic', heats the heatshrink as
    close as possible of the connector and voilà .
    Be carefull with the order of the wires in the connector !!!

    And you obtain a superb sleeved fan which will find his place beside the
    painting 'hind in an underwood' which decorates your chimney.

    "wotta l33t f4nz!"

    Ok, let's continue with the box.

    I've raised the case slightly by inserting two pieces of 8mm plexiglass between the box and the feets.

    To ventilate the radiator I will go in push/pull. The fan in 'push' is an Aerocool Streamliner (14cm blue leds). It is fixed directly on the case. Those little silent-blocks are coming from the interior of a dead CD/rw, they will absorb the vibrations. (the new mother board being slightly larger, the attachment of the fan risk to be modified).

    The fan in 'pull' is the sleeved Akasa.

    Work on the new front by creating some pieces in white and transparent plexi.

    The tubing run through 5 parts of transparent plexi, these 5 parts are fixed to the case with 2 screws. The parts in plexi white are bended by hand without heating. This last pic is not really important because the senfu will be replaced by a LCD blue Crystalfontz 4x20 like this one:

    This white plexi part will be done twice, one on the top and the other on the bottom of the front and will be used to hold the new blue senfu. A little archaic bending system but work well

    yeee, start to look at something (imo)

    added black joint under the 2 white pexi pieces

    This part will be used to cover the LCD on the front.

    First test, the adjustement will come later. this is just to have an idea on how it will looks.

    [The PSU]

    The PSU will be on the back of the case, it'll be held by 4 L - 2 both sides and 1 under the PSU." alt="" />

    Before I can continue I need to paint the case. At the meantime I've painted the PSU

    The PSU will be plugged by the bottom of the case, so I need to lenghten my psu wires. I was not really awake the day i cut
    Soldering will be for the part 3.

    And these 2 last pics for the road...

    The third part promises to be animated, indeed I has just discover that the DVD does not fit any more because of new mother-board which is larger. The DVD will be installed in top on the meshed side. The parts in plexi on the front will be enlightened (UV, blue, orange). The side door will be attacked...
    And once again thanks to NOKYTECH and CRUCIAL !.

    cya later

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    [projekt CRAZY BLOBZ...]

    Great to see an update too this and glad to your back!

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