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Thread: 12v?

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    Trying to steal more 12v for fans/mods.

    Now I have an Enermax Liberty 400w PSU, and i have it hooked up with the normal 24 pin Power connector right? well it needs the extra 4pin on the motherboard aswell (says 12v on it) and it comes with another one connected to it, its useless and I was wondering since it says 12v on it if it actually is 2 12v and 2 grounds hooked into the 4pin connector. Anybody think I could steal enough power for a lighted IDE and bunch of EL tape?

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    I dunno, are you referring to the seperate 4pin connector or the one that attaches to the 20-pin ATX connector to make the 24pin connector? also, are you connecting to a AMD or Intel based mobo? it makes a difference to what connections you need.(it will help us figure out what connector you are referring to.)

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    Yeah, same questions. From your description, it sounds like your mobo has not only a 24 pin connector, but another 4 pin connector that you're no using??

    Very curious. Anyway, if the reality is that your mobo is 20 pin and you have a 24 pin connector, then the 24 pin connector diagrams are an infinitely small dime a dozen.

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