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Thread: My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    After more than a thousand hours, I finally made it.

    I am hoping more people will get into 'scratch' modding after seeing my mod.
    I know it is more difficult, but it is well worth it.

    CPU mag normally keeps a strict 'recognizable pc' stance. I believe that the 'trashcan' mod and mine are the only 'out of the box' mods that have made it to the cover.
    If you are interested in showing CPU magazine that more people are interested in ALL kinds of mods, please pick up a copy of this issue!
    Should hit news stands in 3 to 4 weeks.
    I am hoping to show Chris Trumble (Editor in Chief) that some of us are interested in the 'wookie' mods as well as the standard box mods.

    I also have a free downloadable video on my site showing me airbrushing
    it in black light. Click on this link and click on the MAD MOD MEDIA link on the left.

    Absolut Extremes

    One small step for MODS, one giant leap for MOD kind :twisted:

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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!


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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    AWESOME. Then maybe Cash Box has a chance? Congrats and thanks for paving the way for the different!

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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    Outstanding! Congrats!

    If you got a few more photos and some during the build it would be great to see them posted here

    You are right as CPU is going more for the "Looks like a PC" than not mods. But they don't get the modding meaning. It's to make the PC NOT look like a computer :-)
    I still prefer their mag over the others as they have some great information.


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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    Thanks for the compliments.


    Chris explained it to me, but I have to agree with you. MODS are MODS. I enjoy looking at sophisticated mods and silly mods. The crazier the better. I understand CPU has to sell a magazine, and I know that is a hard thing to do, but maybe just once a year, on Halloween or something, they could 'scare' everybody with a complete 'scratch' mod.

    CPU is a great mag. I learn so much from them. I would just like to be suprised every now and then.

    The MOD I am working on now is my best work yet.
    I have 1100+ hours into it already, and it needs about another 1000. I hope to have it finished around March of next year. I might give a sneek peek around the first of the year.

    As far as build log for the cpu mod, I really didn't keep one. After the first prototype ate itself, I didn't think it was going to work at all. By the time I had thought about it, I was done.
    This next one however, I am doing a step by step, so anyone could give it a shot.

    Go as far out there as possible! You will at least respect yourself for trying.


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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!


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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    Very cool. Nice to see someone without a standard case break into the CPU mag scene.

    I'm curious, are the letters from your mod just standard channel letters? Did you make them and do you happen to have any detailed pics? I'm curious to see how things are mounted and routed.

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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    Thanks Sheldog23,

    I wish I could have used channel letters, that would have made life much simpler.
    The problem with channel letters, is they look great from far away, but you get a couple
    feet away and you notice all kinds of flaws. Seems don't quite match and rivets not
    where they should be.
    This is one piece. No seems. I wanted a super clean look. This is the second proto type.
    The first ate itself. Built the model using 'shoe' box type cardboard, and then had Travis
    over at Forever Coatings spray it with his special chem mix.

    I looked into my pics and found this early test fit of most of the components.
    You can see the psu mounted upside down and attached to the piece of acrylic.
    The components above the acrylic shelf are the ballast for the 5" black light flouroscent
    tube that is mounted behind the case fan in the front.

    Wanted this case rack mountable to keep my administrator cred. so as you can see, not
    very much room.

    When you decide to attempt a mod of this complexity, you find yourself designing more than building.
    It is easier to fix the design, than remake parts. I spent at least half of my time planning and designing.
    No easy way around it :?

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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    Very cool. coated cardboard is a neat idea. I agree on the channel lettering. I figured you just did some really good body work on it.

    I'm curious about what you mean by rack mountable?

    Also, more pics if you got em. Excellent stuff and fun to look at.

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    My MOD is on the cover of CPU!

    Just that if I wanted to mount it in a standard 19" rack, like one of the mess' pictured here.
    It would be no problem. Also see why I love the fact this issues main topic is servers.
    It's like they know me BONUS POINTS!!

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