I'm new to the modding community, I came here because of my old fancontroller which was on the top of the case.
It was broken since there was a kind of short circuit.

I don't have it anymore since a couple weeks, the plastic case parts are on the floor away from the case itself.
To put it back on the case I would make my own fancontroller.

This was my old fancontroller, if you can see my connections where burned.
A typicall known issue for this case.

I saw someone on a forum that made his own controller:

I have my own Arduino kit, so I know where I can buy the things on the image above if needed.
I only need a list which displays how I can build this up. Like:

- Name for each thing which I need
- Sort of example of tutorial for how I can make it

I hope my english pronounce is understandable