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Thread: Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    Hey guys, kinda new to this forums so I'll try to catch ya up with where i am as quickly as possible.

    WHAT UP!
    This is my scratch project build called Enigma Reborn

    Below are some pictures of the sketchup work I've done with the case. You'll see a brown "see through" area on one of the side panels, those are just for reference to see inside the case. they WILL NOT be that way in the final build.

    This project's name will officially be called: Enigma Reborn
    but the case itself will be just Enigma

    I have already started on the build, Pics to follow in the next few posts.
    The front of the case will be covered, i just don't have that part mocked up in Sketchup yet.

    Here is my open design, a hinged upper plate that will open for access to the radiators, and another hinged top plate on the main box for access to the pumps and rezs.

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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    As promised, pictures and an update.

    One major thing I've learned while building the last case was to have a game plan BEFORE entering the work area.

    So my game plan is this:

    1- Middle 'box'. Completion of the middle main box where most of the actual computer hardware will be mounted.
    I'll refer to this as the box from now on.
    No permanent mounting will be done until all cuts for wiring and tube access have been completed.

    2- Side panels, and doors cut and ready to be placed.

    3- Main arches cut, not mounted until cuts on the box have been completed.

    4- Measurements taken for placement of arches on the box, as well as cut out for middle arch.

    As you'll see below I've started to make the box:
    This is the two upper and lower plates that will enclose the box. I've used thinner metal, now it's .100" (inches) thick.
    They measure 24"x18" each.

    On this photo you'll see some of my old case now being cut down and re-used in the new design.
    I've went with the thicker .125" alum for the side and middle supports.
    I'm going to be using a thinner .05" alum for the back plate that will be cut to accept the motherboard trey.
    The middle and back plates are 8"x18", and the two side plates are 8"x9.5"


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    Kinda skipping a head, I had some go backs here, and do-overs.

    After not getting a motherboard tray i ordered i gave up and decided to make my own.

    Here's the top of the plate, with bends in place for the side and front of the tray.

    Here is the bottom, ZOMG it's freaking perfect. It's sits so even, not even a TINY wobble, it's as flat as can be!
    I am SOOOO PROUD of myself on this one, i got EVERYTHING right on it. (for once )

    Seriously, you need the right tools to do the right job.

    18" bending brake from Harbor Fright $27 FOR THE WIN!


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    Y'all know from the previous update that i had it measured out, and all three sides bent and sitting beautiful!
    So i marked out all the holes for the MB stand offs and did some drilling.
    (you'll notice that i made a mistake at first and was off a little, when using the punches. Thank God for measuring 3 times and drilling once!)
    But i got it right the 3rd time, and drilled it all out. And made use of my new tap and die set.

    Here's a pic of my mock up motherboard screwed in place!

    And a mock up of the back plate on the tray

    Now it's not really showing in this picture, but I ran into something i wasn't counting on when I was making this.
    There is (on most motherboard trays) a larger gap between the tray and the back plate,
    so to fix this I made a drawing out of some scrap .05" alum I had laying around.

    Cut it out, you'll notice that it's not completely straight, no worries i sanded it down to fit perfect when i was done.

    After many many times of alignment i drilled and cut the holes for all 3 pieces, set them up and riveted them in place.
    Looking MIGHTY FINE

    and a close up


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    Here i am making the side doors, these have been tweaked a little, as you'll see in an update down the road, due to some equipment changes

    Both Doors

    Up Close pics of both Doors

    And for a little Mock up fun i posed the door on the box where it will be mounted. Looking pretty freakin sweet

    Well, I hope you enjoyed the update... I'm still rather upset about the whole camera ordeal...

    Hope everyone had a great weekend...


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    Here we go with some mounting of the doors.. And the start/end of some frustrating issues with some of the pieces i'm going to need to bend and mod here soon.

    Well, first i needed to measure out some distances and clearance issues with the two doors
    attached. But i looked around and my shop was A MESS!

    So i cleaned up

    I added some screws to the wall, so that i could hang my clamps and other items that i use regularly.
    It makes a big difference when you're in a groove and you don't have to go searching for an item/tool.

    So, after that i grabbed an old case and used it to set my new case on, so as not to bend my doors to heck.

    Lookin rather sharp
    Here's a few more shots for ya..

    Ok, enough showin off the case BACK TO WORK! :dremel:

    Ok... so after spending today at work... (IE: playin with schetchup and not working)
    I figured out a way, to get what i want, and still get what i need at the same time.

    I have 3 radiators up on the top shelf of this computer, those radiators are going to need access into the top pump/rez box via the tubes.
    So either way i have to cut away some of the aluminum that is in the curve that i've been trying to make. So to ease this process,
    and simplify the way i was doing things i made each section separate. It adds to the strength of each curve, and allows me to make
    cuts in the aluminum that i wasn't going to be able to do with 1 solid piece across the whole top of the case.

    So i grabbed the original plate, cleaned up off all the i mean Weld off of it. and measured out a 5.1" section, then added .4" to each end for the tabs
    Here's the cut piece.

    Here's that piece with the tabs cut out on each side, and filed down.

    Now for the bending brake

    and a really nice bend!

    And the other side done and looking good.

    :duh: NOTE: DRILL HOLES IN TABS BEFORE BENDING THEM!!! It was a PITA to drill these holes, but i did it. LOL

    com/albums/p80/Tolkmod/enigma/enigmathumb/100_0235.jpg" alt="" />

    Next i grabbed my curved piece and did a little hand bending. (FYI: the small the piece, the easier to bend! how convenient eh?)

    Then i Checked the curve out next to my side plate, and a VERY close match, here's a few pics of that process. (sorry bout some of them being blurry)

    Next i drilled out the top hole on the side plate, and riveted in the piece. (damn blurry pics!!!)

    You'll notice that i have to trim off the bottom tab and about .05" of the alum, weird how it fit perfectly as a whole piece,
    but cut it smaller and add tabs and it grows on ya?

    Well, that's all i have for today, hope you enjoyed!

    Man this thing is getting even more and more fun the further along i get into it!

    See ya tomorrow!


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    I had a few small updates between these two but most of it was stuff i've already fixed or have replaced. So i'm going to jump to this update.

    Ok, next i moved on to mounting the main front arches. This has been a scary point for me because i have to get it RIGHT
    or the whole case could be off balance, wobble, and in the end not support the weight of the box and the rads up top.
    So, after measuring everything out for about an hour.. (my head hurt after this one)
    I finally got the spot down, and clamped it into place.

    As you can see, spot on level woot

    Next, drilled, countersunk and moved on to the other arch. After about 2 hours of pain staking alignment...
    This was the result...

    A free standing PERFECTLY balanced shell... WOOT

    And just so there aren't any doubters out there.. i took a few more shots

    I love this shot lol Right off the end of the work bench.. how awesome is that? Yeah it's upside down, lol i didn't notice till after i went to
    attach the door for the next pic. lol

    and then here's a pick with a side door clamped in place, STILL BALANCED! (this one is right side up though lol)

    Well, needless to say I'm EXTREMELY Happy with how this turned out.

    So after a few min of just sittin there lookin at it, i moved on. Took some tape and measured up from the tip of the end of curve
    to the bottom of the case.

    Then I measured and cut out a cross section and attached it to the box, lined up with the tip of the arches.
    This will be the main support for the top Hinged Radiator plate.


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    First off what i have for you, is a botched attempt at saving myself some time, but in the end just waisting it. lol
    I first off tore apart another sacrificial case that's all alum, so that i could use the 5.25" bays,
    1- Cause they looked good
    2- cause i thought it would save me some time.

    Next i Added some old broken down CD-ROms for stability. Measured out the limits of the hight.

    And cut...
    You'll notice that i bent back the side tabs, huge mistake, i should have cut them off, but i wasn't thinking.

    Eh, i really don't like it. I'm probably just going to end up fabbing my own anyways. I want it to match the over all theme of the curved arch anyway.

    Ok, on to the next project. I measured out and set a 8x2" Alum plate at the dead center of the case.
    Like so..

    Next i Measured out and cut a piece for the right hand side of the opening above.
    This is what will cover my Hard drive bay. (final version sketch up to follow, for reference)

    Then i cut measured around the edges 1" on all sides and cut out the middle

    Then i used the scrap from the middle cut out and made the circle. Worked damn hard on getting this right.
    One of the reasons for the new toys that you'll see me showin off in down below

    Now, it's not complete, but here's a picture of the sketchup version of what i'm making. So you'll see where I'm going with this.

    Hope you like it, it's one of those wake up in the middle of the night with the idea, so you spend a good 3 hours of your sleeping time designing it, so that you can get back to sleep, kind of things.

    So, time to show off some new toys! WOOT

    One of the reasons why i haven't done much in the past week, is lack of the tools to do the job right.
    I promised myself i wasn't going to do it, if i didn't have the right tools. So thanks to a 10% off, and no interest for 12 months deal from Home Depot i got the following!

    Next, i got me an awesome new jigsaw. I mean this thing is top notch!
    One of the problems i was having with my old one, is the table kept moving, so as ruining my cuts and making things look very sloppy.
    So i broke down and bought this beauty. Even comes with it's own case

    Here's a link to the specs on the Jigsaw, I'm rather proud of the research i did on this thing.


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    First i had to uninstall the two main arches and clean them up, cause a lot of what I'm doing now depends on the correct alignment of the two, so they have to be close to the finish product as possible.

    So here's a nice clean shot of the two after a crap ton of sanding and filing to get them perfectly matching

    Next i attached them to the bottom plate. This being the only plate the arches will be solidly attached to. The top plate will have a hinge on it, allowing for access to the radiators and the top box with the pumps and rez's. Maintenance.. tiz the down fall of most custom builds..

    Here's a shot of everything back together, and upside-down. I wanted to see the strength of the case and how well balanced it is. Rather sweet don't u think?

    And another shot of it standing right-side-up.

    Well, with that done i moved on to my next project. The bottom plate supports. This was a really hard thing to come up with and figure out how to do because i really didn't
    want just a bunch of crap there with out any purpose in it. So i designed this in sketch up, to work as not only supports for both the bottom plate, but the box as well.
    AND, the small area you see between the two supports will serve as a pull out drawer that will house tools/cd's and other such miscellaneous computer items.

    Here it is combined with the rest of the case, to give you a better idea of what I'm trying for.

    First, i cut out 2 pieces of alum 7.8" wide by 24" long.

    And cut out my first support, took me about 10min of measuring, and remeasuring to make sure i got it right, cause damn if it looks weird just laying there lol

    And the second one, both together and filed down and looking rather nice.
    Here's the middle bracket all cut clean and filed down. Funny how this was harder to cut out than the other 2 pieces because it had to be exactly 6" long, by 5.8" wide for it to work properly.

    And for the install, damn i couldn't have wished this to be anymore exactly like my plans!, ok well not exxxxaaactly....

    Then.... the mistake.. DOHHHHH!

    As you can see i came up WAY short of the length of the bottom plate... after about 20min of figuring out where i went wrong i realized that i didn't take into account the part of the arch hanging over the edge of the front of the plate.... DOH

    s'okay though. It's an easy fix that only you and i will know about in the end


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    Enigma Reborn (5/14) Workin on the Top Rad Plate...

    After a long time of saving up money i finally was able to send a payment in and get some equipment for this monster of a mod!

    Thanks DangerDen! You guys totally rock, the quality of this stuff is just incredible. Way nicer than i thought it would be.
    Can't wait to put this stuff to the test when the case is done!

    Here's some pics of the stuff I got

    Now, in that huge glob of pictures I have the following:

    3- Black Ice GT Xtreme 480
    1- DangerDen MC TDX 775 CPU Cooler
    2- DangerDen IONE GPU Cooler (full cover)
    2- D5 12 Volt Variable Speed Pump
    2- DangerDen Aqua Drive 2 HDD Cooler
    4- Bottles of FeserOne Blue UV Fluid
    And last, but not least, 20' of 1/2" ID Tygon Tubing

    Notice that i threw in a pic of the rads laying up against the sofa, just to show some scale.. these things are MONSTERS!
    Beautiful though, isn't it?

    Ok how bout i show some of the work I've been doing on the case for the past few weeks?
    It's little stuff mostly, but there are a few big items thrown in there.

    Well, continuing off of my last update, I completed the bottom plate support and put on the top cover as you'll see here.

    Most of the rivets you'll see here are going to be replaced by countersunk rivets, and then bondo/painted over for a nice clean finish.

    Now, for the back of this piece i had to think up something special. I thought i was just going to make an extension and bolt it on, no harm no foul, but then i got to thinking. It needs to have a purpose. So here's what i came up with!

    Ok, so you're probably thinking to yourself, uh.. it looks like an extension Tolk....
    Take a closer look at the bottom piece, what do you see? To blocks of alum with gaps in them? HUH?! :duh:

    Next step, two square holes in the bottom plate..

    Next step, take the back piece, line up the holes in the plate with the bottom of the extension box and BAM... installed and looking pretty.

    Now it's all starting to come together!
    Well, as you've no doubt guessed, it's not just a simple extension, when the lock i ordered comes in I'll have a locking plate on the non-curved inside piece, and when it's completely closed in It'll be a small little lock box for me to use to hide valuables and goodies. To the untrained eye it'll just look like it's attached to the case.

    Pretty sweet eh? :thumb: :rock:

    Ok, time to move on and work some more on the main box.
    Like i said before, i was not to happy with my previous attempt at a back plate. So naturally, I recreated it.
    This time, I was extremely happy with it. Every cut was done well, and the motherboard tray slides in like budda!

    So, in turn i wasn't very happy with the hinge hides as well, so i started in recreating those as well.
    First piece cut out, and marked up. Hum.. what's that small V cut on the top right hand corner?

    Next I broke out my trusty bending brake (damn i love this thing!) and created a spot on bend.

    Okay, okay, time to let you in on what the heck that V notch on the top of the hinge hide is...
    Here I have hide in place, and clamped down so i can do a test fit, Dummy MB and tray installed... but look.

    EWWWWW.... man, that top left hand corner where the back plate meets the top plate looks like crap!
    THIS is where thinking a head, and measuring about 500 times comes into play..

    BAM! I made it to where this piece of 1/8" think, by 3/4" wide piece of aluminum strip will fit at a 45 degree angle covering up all the rivets and necessary body support work. And, make it look stylish at the same time!
    When the other hide is complete, the bar will be supported with L brackets on the inside of the hides, allowing for a nice sturdy hold.
    Then, slap on a few coats of bondo to blend in the corners and gaps and i have a nice clean look. (if you couldn't tell by now I'm all about clean lines and clean work on this case)
    Hopefully I'll be able to hammer out the second hinge hide tomorrow, as well as get some of the other internals done. then i can start working on the top and bottom of the main box, getting those squared away as well.

    Almost caught up!


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