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    Industrial Switchboard

    Howdy folks. I have started getting parts together for the computer that will be setup in my shop. Here are the specs of the machine so far:
    Motherboard - Asus A7M266
    Processor - AMD Athlon 2200XP (Thobred Core), Heatsink & fan - Thermaltake Volcano 11
    Graphics - PNY GeForce3 Ti200, 64mg of memory
    Memory - Kingston PC2700, 512mg
    HDD - WD 40gig PATA
    Onboard sound
    LAN - 54Mbps 802.11g
    CDRW - Optorite Model CW5207 52x32x52
    PS - Enermax 300watts
    The air cool at this time is temp. I want to water cool this thing to see what I can get out of it. So I have 2 case frames and both are to small for putting in water cooling, so I've thought about joining the two together. One case is a old AT case and the other is a ATX. So I have pics of the frames to show you what I have.

    Yes, that is my wheelchair in the second pic. I say that because I have been asked about objects in the background before so I thought I would give out that info before hand. I have thought about removing the top 1/3 of the top case. The indention on the right side of the top case in the second pic will be filled by a radiator when I install the water cooling system. So my question is should I remove the top 1/3 or leave it and also what do you think so far. The skin will be the Mahogany plywood that is in behind the cases. All comments and ideas are welcomed. Happy Modding to ya.


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    Almost every industry in this world have their industrial switchboard in the industry because it is important t control the electricity and its uses. Some electricians give suggestions and review to others that they should install the boards.

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    Describe other safety related work practices to protect from electrical hazards ... Describe the requirements for use, care, maintenance and storage of PPE. 7 ... 19. on live electrical equipment to trouble shoot or because it can't be shut down? ... NFPA has recommended that OSHA revise its general industry electrical ...
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    ... This provides us with low cost and high quality manufacturing capability complemented by geographically distributed facilities .. by followersitaly

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    Industrial Switchboard jobs now available. Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Fitter and more on Indeed. by followers australia

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    GE Consumer & Industrial. Electrical Distribution. Integrated Switchboard Solutions. Save yourself… Time, Money, Space, Labor, Headaches imagination at ... by followerscnaada

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    diamond embossed Gray and green. Mil-spec approved MIL-DTL-15562G Compliant with the US Department of Defense .. by epicfollowerscanada

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    The Switchboard contains Main Incomer Air Circuit Breaker feeders and associated control gear c/w Power Factor Correction. System manufactured by MCI ...
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    The Switchboard contains Main Incomer Air Circuit Breaker feeders and associated control gear c/w Power Factor Correction. System manufactured by MCI ... /] s name status [/url]

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