Hey Folks, its time for another Modding Project.
My next project will be to convert the Leetac Nostalgic Wooden Music Center CD Player/AM/FM Stereo Radio into a PC!! This will be a gift for my Sister who hates Computers but Loves to listen to music. She has a nice Stereo but can never find her CD's cause of the kids and big mess. Now she can D/L or Record her CD's and not worry about finding them.

Here's the game plan.
Gut everything and create a new PC/Music Center.

Got her bottom off and this is what I saw. Not to bad in there..

Thats the top part that I need to remove. Have to gut it first.

I know there is alot more sanding to do but man that was a pain. They glued and nailed support trim under the wood for the Phono.

Cut the back out for the Mobo Tray

Inside look.

Next up is to cut out the Power Supply hole and figure out where to mount the Hard Drive. I have to pick up a CD/RW/DVD Combo and try to mount it where the original one was. Going to be tight but worse case is to mount it to the Top Lid. When you open you can see it. Another thing is the Front Panel Strand for Power/Reset etc.. Its slow going but will make a nice gift..

The good news I am all finished, the bad news is the Tuner doesn't work cause there was some concern with the Magnets on the speakers. I removed the Speakers and replaced them with 2 80mm Fans for intake and I have a 92mm in the rear for exhast. CD was a nogo so I moved it to the LID.

Complete System includes:
ASUS P4S533, P4 2.4GHZ (533), Corsair 1GB XMS CMX-2700C2
e-GeForce FX5900Ultra, Maxtor 160GB ATA133, HP CD-Writer 9100,
ANTEC 365W Power Supply, MS MultiMedia Keyboard & IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0
HP 7550 Printer & New HP mx705 Monitor that includes speakers.

Should make a nice XMAS gift for my Sister. I will have to explain to her that she will need to buy some software and upgrade to a nice CD/RW/DVD Combo.

Anyhows here's the the PICS enjoy..

Just a quick look at the rear.

Here she is all put together.