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Thread: I got 4 PC's FREE!!

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    I got 4 PC's FREE!!

    My teacher of Micro-Processor Interfacing told he had a bunch of old computers that he was going to have recycled. I told him instead of spending money to possibly have them recycled, just give them to me. So he did. Four computers in all; 1 is a Full tower case (that I may give away in another contest), and 3 are mid-towers. Here's the pics:

    The full tower.

    Here's an old Dell.

    I really like the front.

    Here's the heatsink that was on the Socket 7.

    This computer's company is called Advantage????

    This is a Packard Bell.

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    I got 4 PC's FREE!!

    Nice! , I'd totally want that full tower case .

    nice find.

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    I got 4 PC's FREE!!

    Ya, that full tower is hot! That Dell chassis is just like a friend of mine's old computer. it'salso similar to my old comp but different in most aspects.

    I mite get a full tower case for my comp, we'll see...

    Give them away in contests??? By the way, what form factor is that case?

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    I got 4 PC's FREE!!

    sweet! your one lucky person! my school wont do that incase i hurt myself on one and sue them

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