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Thread: Sweet Mod!

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    Sweet Mod!

    Sorry Admins, I don't know how you feel about linking to another mod site but I could not resist this mod is Sweet Ass.

    This guy did some amazing work!

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    Sweet Mod!

    I can NOT believe this mod! I've already had two conversations about it.
    It's so simple! Cut a window, order laser cut alum, attach with screws and raisers, detail some, add some tubes and DONE!

    I'm tellin ya, we need a company who will monopolize on this idea!

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    Sweet Mod!

    The is that is fairly simple, yet it looks like a lot of work went into it. But some times those are the mods they can be miss-leading and take hours and hours to do.

    Take the Mod staff member DB a few yrs ago. When you first look at it you say "nice Mod", but if you start looking at the super fine detail he did that one normally missed as they skim over the picture. You will then say " Awesome mod".

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    Sweet Mod!

    I saw that mod and I have to admit it is really cool. I like it because its simple and easy to duplicate. Simply pick some material and do some layering with interesting design cut outs. In fact several variations of this type of mod have been done before but I think this one definitely tops them all. Good stuff.'

    I have no problem with people linking to other sites great mods. We are a modding site and it is fun to talk about mods wherever they are.

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    Sweet Mod!

    yeah he put in lots of time, effort and, money, it does not do it for me, to unorganized.

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    Sweet Mod!

    A mod like that is going to take a long time to construct and even if he didn't "make" everything he still had to design it. Either way the first thought that came to my mind was either "Sweet Jesus" or "Holy ****" one of those will work.

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    Sweet Mod!

    gotta agree i was amazed when i saw it to even though all parts wernt made by him i still think it looks dam nice greatness...

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    Sweet Mod!

    lol i had that in my best mods ever thread, it is definatly pretty impressive.

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    Sweet Mod!

    *eyes wide opened*

    whoa, that's a niiiiiiiice PC...
    where/what was the display he used? and the software?

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    Sweet Mod!

    You would have to read his log to see if he mentioned what he used.

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