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Thread: Bladerunner 2048

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    Friday night mod for the boy after his first week back at school. Did the LCD backplate for the GPU on the current mod, should look quite slick when running.

    Did a chrome finish on the existing Saphire Backplate then set in the LCD its a 800x480 so displays a nice image for its small 5" size.

    This should display the "in film adverts in Blade Runner well for the mod, as well as CAM etc when the pc is actually in use.

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    A busy weekend didnt leave much time for modding with kids football but we did find time to finish prepping the chassis and give its primer coat. Dylans spray technique is coming on well, no more runs! Letting the primer harden over night before starting the chrome coats tomorrow.

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    I admire you for what you are doing with your son. I've actually started to work with my son on a project and its near complete. Here is a link of the mod we are working on.(Link There are more parts to this mod and you can find them on our site.

    Cant wait to see what you guys come up with.

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    Im really enjoying sharing modding with the kids its really given it a second lease of life for me. The fact that they just want to do it regardless of what others think or will it work. Its very refreshing.

    Little first coat of chrome pic

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    Hey there, kid of accelerated and forgot to post the logs

    Pretty much finished, need to get some night pics and put the vid together!

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