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Thread: best mods ever

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    best mods ever

    what are some of the best mods you think you've ever seen? i think i wanna put a list together of maybe 20-50 and i'd prolly categorize them.

    i know i've seen some pretty intense mods, deathstarchris's cpu mod definatly qualifies, but i'd also like to know what are some of all your favorite mods? and keep in mind, design, electronics, origionality, and overall creativity

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    best mods ever

    I'm a huge fan of Modsquad as for as regular case moddign goes. His mods are just so intricate and detailed

    soilent green

    black rain

    and the won that first one my respect black narcissis

    as far as ground up goes. These are my favorites now.



    dark blade

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    best mods ever

    thats are some real quality mods, some of the largest threads i've ever seen too, lol.

    but keep the suggestions coming, i'm gonna keep lookin on my own, but i dont wanna miss any.

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    best mods ever

    Thanks for putting mine on the list DB. I got to finish the dang Radio Pack worklog.

    You can't forget about the mods Sheldog23 has done!

    Check them out here!

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    best mods ever

    Blackmesa II Is highup on my list, but ? is a great one too.. I don't think I could decide..

    Didn't some company like copy the design of ??

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    best mods ever

    these are some real top job works guys

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    best mods ever

    heres a few of the ones i've added to a top 50 list so far. right now i have around 15, and that i think shows only 9 of them, but feel free to cretique, afterall, it wouldn't really be a top 50 if someone had something better, lol

    but i'll be honest, i think alot of those are extremly impressive

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    best mods ever

    Oh, almost forgot to add my fav mod of all time: DOOM 3: Project Mars City
    20 pages of updates alone!

    Edit: Looked at your list, and there are some that I personally disagree with. They are great mods, don't get me wrong, but they're just too standard with a lot of taste, but imo no overall crazy creativity like the Darkblade or w/e:
    BOSS: FX57
    Project Black Narcisus
    M-I III

    Again, no offense to anyone, this is just my opinion.

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    best mods ever

    i put dark blade up there because the degree of customizing, same for Black Narcisus, everything is color themed, wire managed, and theres a good degree of detailing, look at how even his bolts on things fit the color scheming. but what really impressed me was the holograms, it's the first time i've seen them used like that in a mod and i though it deserved some props.

    now for the Boss one i can under stand, when i first looked at it i was like "pfft big deal" but just seeing the custom heatsink i though was impressive enough. and i can understand on the M-I III, and i did hesitate on putting it up, it's a fairly stock case, but a lot has been customized, and i'm betting you didn't notice the char LCD mounted in the side of the drive bays.

    i'm looking to compile a list of around 50, so i can imagine that by the time i'm done everyone will be able to pick out a few they dont like. And i'll be honest, i'm partial to the cubes so this list will prolly have a few more then usual in there, but still i'm only going to put ones in there that i think are real great, thats why you wont find my cube case in there, lol

    i really liked that DOOM3 one, i remember following the worklog a couple years back, it's on my list now too and will be in the next update of the thread.

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