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Thread: Vertical GPU orientation - the sky's the limit??

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    Vertical GPU orientation - the sky's the limit??

    So was browsing around MNPCtech's site as you do, looking for inspiration (and all the things my wallet says no to) and noticed he's made some new GPU mounting brackets that mount to a 120mm fan mounting (used on the Star Wars build recently). Got me thinking about how changing orientation of your expensive gpu is such a easy mod to show it off to full effect, and also a few ideas for next build (crossfired watercooled Polaris hanging from the top radiator mounts anyone?).

    To me it's nice to have the option to put the gpu somewhere other than the pcie area and opens up some fun tubing routes. Not everyone's got access to a metalshop to repurpose pcie mounts (or wants to cut their $$ case up).

    This giving anyone else tingles of inspiration? Front-mounted GPU for a VR-box maybe?

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    Its a neat idea. Even big name manufacturers are finally offering it as well and have non-partitioned PCIe slot so a vertical bracket can be installed.

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    it's definitely adds a little something to certain builds. I also thought it was weird that GPUs are all RGB with nice looking fans that you dont get to see in 90% of build because of the orientation of the GPU.

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