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    Wow itís been a while with any update so this will be a longer than normal post.

    First off the GPU blocks have arrived (eureka) so letís take a look at them.

    Overall I like the design of these BP-VG2080RD-A2 blocks and they are also very heavy.

    One thing I did like about this design is the use of the extra support for block on the back bracket

    A nice small addition to help with the support of the heavy block, now shall we see how they look in place with the covers.

    To be honest I was now at an small stall, waiting for a few more things to turn up so I thought I would figure out a cunning plan to hide the cables coming out of the PSU, despite them being mostly hidden by the top anyway. Also something to aid in my plan of having green gpu cables both sides to represent bamboo and tie in with the Japanese/samurai theme of it all.

    So being me, I ordered to self-construct type Japanese houses and 2 watch towers for this sort of placement, thus hiding the psu output cables and guiding the green cables to the gpus, of course I will be painting them to match the colour schemes of each side.

    Wanted to hide these cables specifically with the houses.

    After doing this and despite knowing the houses wonít be hardly visible with top back on, I still wanted to spruce them up a bitÖ but first let me show you how this looks in

    I know some people wonít like this idea, but I love it and it ties in with the theme, and wanted them to match the theme, translation of writing is dragon clan, then tiger clan on the matching sides to match the engraving. And know I wonít ever do stencils this small again and then hand paint them on (more on that later in post). The most shocking part of this stage is working out how to hide nearly 38 meters of cables and lighting in the desk :O.

    On another note, I also decided to mod one of the bitspower hex tanks, the one for the black and gold side already had a black dragon on it (bitspower logo) I decided for the tiger side of the build I would try to make something not like bitspower logo, but very similar with tiger logo. I made this with vinyl.

    It should match the general theme of one side of engraving being a tiger and samurai and one side being a dragon and samurai.

    Now I did warn this was going to be a long post, so Iíll start by mentioning I am now lucky enough to be permanently sponsored now going forward by on this a future builds (wish it would of arrived before I done the houses and hence my comment of I will not be hand painting ever again and can get back to airbrushing stuff again.

    Hopefully I get the rest of the stuff soon to finish this massive project, on a plus note I donít have to hand paint my planned stuff on the vanity cover on the bottom of the desk now this has arrived J

    Mod notes to do list, fittings for gpu blocks to connect to each other to do, painting of vanity panel, tidying of the cables and extensions to go in and make acrylic covers for cable tidying inside the desk, fill and get air out of the loops, then sit and install windows on both machines and check for any conflicts or issues.. then book time to do photos and video of this epic piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie123 View Post
    So another small update with some pieces done for the build, the end is in sight and should be complete by end of aug so not long to go for hardware porn side of things. In this update, ill be showing you some of the right side of engraving, picture being used and memory customization.

    First up from previous post you saw side one completed, side two has now started.

    This will progress a lot faster than other side due to the fact the little one will be going to day nursery in a couple of weeks freeing up more time.

    Onto the next part of the project, the memory, we all know its very rare to get memory to suit your build and as one side of this build is black with gold highlights and white/silver with black highlights, so I had to do this to the TeamGroup Dark kits.

    Yes that is 24 sections of the heat spreaders, which funny enough were attached with 4 screws and 4 nuts each to the main heat spreaders.

    Yes so in total I had to take undo 96 nuts with screws this tiny and try not to lose any, Yes it was fun and just as fun as its going to be putting them back on

    So just gold for 8 of the sticks, and then black for the other 4 and with one side being white/silver I had to do the 4 main sections of the spreaders in white too.

    I love the way these came out and suppose most of you can realise why I wanted these kits over other choices I had as the gold and black sections of spreaders, almost loosely resemble the sort of helmet decorations that samurai had Pnr Status TextNow VPN .

    Also why doing all this another idea cropped into my head and I done a proof print to see what you guys think of the idea, having one of the tube runs look like this.

    What do you guys think of the idea, yay or no, would be making this out of acrylic though to give a clean sharper look to it.

    The only other thing I did as well was this

    Yes that is a razer keyboard with white leather, more to follow soon as I try to make sure it looks perfect.

    it's a good idea i think
    sincerely congratulations for the idea...
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    So I know its been a long while but I am finished now, here is a quick glimpse of completed build before I do final photos and video

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    Amazing work man.

    I think its time to auction this build for charity.

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    At last we got there in the end, it was a long process but I am so happy with how this mod/art piece came out, there were a lot of choices to make and I am amazed with the end result, it truly is a one off piece, some ups and downs during the build but got there in the end, enjoy the pics and the videos guys.

    I Love it, but just when you think I already posted too many pictures, here are some different lighting modes for you of course with the rainbow unicorn too

    And to finish it off, here are some videos for you to watch, first up is the video of how the engraving was done by my wife.

    Second the Desk in normal mode

    Last but not least Desk in unicorn mode

    One massive journey (and desk ) but we got there in the end and I love my new art piece in my home, special thanks to the sponsors involved and also my wife for the engraving.

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    great job you guys have done. awesome engraving skill


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