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Thread: Project Timeless Warriors

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotWithGuns View Post
    Your wife did a great job!
    Cant wait to see more
    Quote Originally Posted by Boddaker View Post
    That looks incredible man, tell your wife great job!!
    Thanks guys, going to be a long project with all this engraving, well into the 0000's of dots eeek

    Another small little update, its been hard getting into the shed to engrave more because of the extreme weather, but its coming along and side one is getting closer to completion.

    Been pretty amazing the fact that lost count at 10000 dots just on this side and that’s before the warrior was completed: O

    Loving the dragons head tbh, yes this is taking a long time, but the result is so worth it.

    Not much left to do on this side, also next week I can start doing the waterblock ect… so more to come sooner rather than later . Oh yes for the first time ever Monitor sponsorship on a build from LG amazing, will follow up with some pictures of these when I get the stuff to slightly alter them which is coming from Italy.

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    A very very huge thank you to Lian Li for supplying the desk for the project, was honoured to be offered it so thank you. rolling sky

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    So it’s been a while since the last update guys and I am sorry about that, but having a 2 year old and cold days when work is done in a shed has put a brake on things.

    The engraving is coming along very nicely and we are nearly at the end of side one here is some work.

    I know it’s been taking a while but dots have gone crazy and has took a lot longer than anticipated, for example here are some close ups to show this.

    As you can see there is not one line in the engraving part of the project, its all dots.

    On another note let us take a look at a care package from bitspower that turned up.

    Yes you can see correctly, that’s four gpu water blocks, two cpu blocks, two hex tanks, two mod kits, every fitting you could ever possibly need and a special package :P

    Also I thought as the SSD’s would look out of place with something that is samurai, I thought I would make some sort of samurai armour for them, so this is the design.

    I actually stacked it like armour so its flexible to curve (even though it will never need too, I just liked the idea of doing it this way) I have also used leather lace to connect them to insure they stay connect, probably going to be a pain to line up straight to stick onto the SSD’s, but hey I like it, this is also the design I am going to go with for the GPU blocks as well.

    Stay tuned, I will be also adding some more pics in the coming weeks of doing the GPU blocks and moving onto over aspects of the build why engraving is going on.

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    Hi all sorry about delays in posting, did not get round to the GPU blocks as I need to take them apart when addressable RGB strips come in and replace the current non addressable ones.

    On another note though side one of the etching has been complete and is looking like a piece of art to me. I defo think this build is going to cross over between mod and artwork.

    I love this and can’t wait until this starts coming together, the theme is coming out amazing, leather is on route from Italy for monitors, some internal stuff and keyboards and mice so, looking forward to starting that. More as soon as it happens guys.

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    So another small update with some pieces done for the build, the end is in sight and should be complete by end of aug so not long to go for hardware porn side of things. In this update, ill be showing you some of the right side of engraving, picture being used and memory customization.

    First up from previous post you saw side one completed, side two has now started.

    This will progress a lot faster than other side due to the fact the little one will be going to day nursery in a couple of weeks freeing up more time.

    Onto the next part of the project, the memory, we all know its very rare to get memory to suit your build and as one side of this build is black with gold highlights and white/silver with black highlights, so I had to do this to the TeamGroup Dark kits.

    Yes that is 24 sections of the heat spreaders, which funny enough were attached with 4 screws and 4 nuts each to the main heat spreaders.

    Yes so in total I had to take undo 96 nuts with screws this tiny and try not to lose any, Yes it was fun and just as fun as its going to be putting them back on

    So just gold for 8 of the sticks, and then black for the other 4 and with one side being white/silver I had to do the 4 main sections of the spreaders in white too.

    I love the way these came out and suppose most of you can realise why I wanted these kits over other choices I had as the gold and black sections of spreaders, almost loosely resemble the sort of helmet decorations that samurai had.

    Also why doing all this another idea cropped into my head and I done a proof print to see what you guys think of the idea, having one of the tube runs look like this.

    What do you guys think of the idea, yay or no, would be making this out of acrylic though to give a clean sharper look to it.

    The only other thing I did as well was this

    Yes that is a razer keyboard with white leather, more to follow soon as I try to make sure it looks perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotWithGuns View Post
    Your wife did a great job!
    Cant wait to see more
    Quote Originally Posted by Boddaker View Post
    That looks incredible man, tell your wife great job!!
    thanks guys, been super had the last month, but pushing on and exciting times comming.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wow it’s been super-hot lately, but excitement is boiling over as we get to a stage were the etching is getting closer and closer to completed on the other side of the desk. I’ll just leave you with these pics.

    I have to say as well as my wife and boy I am in love with something not human its officially gone crazy, but super stoked and pleased with how the design I made is coming out.

    Also had time to play with some things and just lay down samurai armour style covers over the gpu blocks to get a feel for them, these will be cleaned and polished and put on gpu’s for all 4 cards (2 one side and two the other).

    I reckon its going to look lush once done, let just get a move on and in the coming weeks I will be starting internals ect with the engraving so close to being done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotWithGuns View Post
    Your wife did a great job!
    Cant wait to see more
    soz been a while, only another few months to go and little one goes to nursery and more time to mod

    Quote Originally Posted by Boddaker View Post
    That looks incredible man, tell your wife great job!!
    I did she is so talented and I look back at when i was engraving with lines and just solids and remember her saying I wonder if pointillism would work. the rest is history lol...

    So guys and gals it’s been a while since I updated, but the exciting news is we are getting very close to the end of the engraving side and onto the building side, ill just through these pics up for you to see how close we really are.

    Oh I wonder what the lines to the right are for…………………………………..

    So finally getting to the end of the amazing engraving and then onto the building part.

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    Back again with another update to the build, a long time coming was waiting and stalling it for some special items that a due in for the build (well 2 of them) but I thought I better put something out there to keep you all keen.

    So engraving has finally finished at last, and boy is it truly an amazing piece of work do I call the build a build now or a piece of art, or artisan PC mod, god knows but I just can help staring at it. Time to put it back on top of the desk and get drilling some fill and drain ports in.

    This is starting to take shape now, also one thing I decided to change was the toughened glass top, not only for practicality but also for the fact the std glass top was tinted and I did not want to dull the engraving down on the build.

    I also added some extra overhang on the rear when sizing the replacement up, I wanted to ensure I had this to aid with my lighting plan for the rear of the desk and will aid in spreading light behind the monitors.

    I also added a cut out to the rear of the desk were the monitor mount goes, my thought behind this is if for any reason I change something be it ram ect ect in the future, I wanted to be able to lift the glass off without going through the process of breaking down the monitors pulling the desk out and undoing the clamp on monitor mount as on the original glass it would of sat on top of it.

    Finally I added a vanity panel to behind the legs and desk for cable tidying, which will enable me to only have three cables coming from the desk as the panel will allow for the power adaptor, router, network switch ect to be place in this. Which leaves only one power cable to wall socket and two network cables to the nas.

    That’s all for now, as soon as the final two pieces turn up ill photograph them and get them up (although its four pieces in reality to give you a clue to what I am waiting for).

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    Awesome job.
    What you planning to put in to Lian Li?
    Doing any custom loops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotWithGuns View Post
    Awesome job.
    What you planning to put in to Lian Li?
    Doing any custom loops?
    here is a clue involving two full loops
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