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Your wife did a great job!
Cant wait to see more
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That looks incredible man, tell your wife great job!!
Thanks guys, going to be a long project with all this engraving, well into the 0000's of dots eeek

Another small little update, its been hard getting into the shed to engrave more because of the extreme weather, but its coming along and side one is getting closer to completion.

Been pretty amazing the fact that lost count at 10000 dots just on this side and thatís before the warrior was completed: O

Loving the dragons head tbh, yes this is taking a long time, but the result is so worth it.

Not much left to do on this side, also next week I can start doing the waterblock ectÖ so more to come sooner rather than later . Oh yes for the first time ever Monitor sponsorship on a build from LG amazing, will follow up with some pictures of these when I get the stuff to slightly alter them which is coming from Italy.