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Thread: Overwatch Case Mod - Lucio

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    Had Primochill cut me some acrylic logos and graphical elements, which I integrated into the PSU cover mostly.

    The first one is the Lucio tag that will be back-lit, and will show through the clear front bezel under the blaster. I cut the logo out of both solid black acrylic and clear acrylic, then used the clear lettering in the black piece.

    Leaving the paper on the black, I threw it in my blasting cabinet to frost just the clear parts.

    Then it was just a matter of gluing the panel end to the PSU cover.

    For the top of the PSU cover, I wanted the Overwatch logo. I made the circle part just big enough to cover the cable access hole. I used a piece of tape to keep all the letters straight while I glued them down.

    For the top of the circle and the small triangle accents on the "V" and "A", I went with a UV orange, but since its transparent, I had to paint the underside white so the blue/green wouldn't show through. Once the lighting is in, they should glow nicely.

    Here's the finished PSU cover, complete with PCIe cables running out to the externally mounted graphics card.

    Just about done, all that's left is a few minor items to tidy up, then install the OS and configure the RGB lights!

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    When I first saw the Lucio character, the feature that really jumped out at me, other than his signature weapon and the bright bold green & blue colors, was his crazy hair. At that moment I knew I was going to somehow add Lucio's dredlocks on the top of the case, but didn't really know how I was going to achieve it. But after sitting down and getting a good look at the reference pics, I realized it was actually really simple... pipe insulation!

    I went down to Lowe's hardware store and found all the pipe insulation in the plumbing section. I grabbed the smallest diameter tubing they had, and then test-fitted the larger tubing over it until I found the perfect size for the ends. Then it was just a matter of cutting them to random lengths with a sharp angle cut on one end, and six end caps.

    To get them to bend and hold that shape, I used a thick gauge wire inside the tubing.

    Due to spacial concerns inside the case, I had to mount the radiator fans on top, which meant I had to make a shroud to go around them. So I just cut a piece of 1" foam sheet to fit in the depression in the top panel, and tacked the dreds onto it temporarily to get a sense of how they will be situated.

    Then it was just a matter of painting them. I went with a lighter green/yellow color, and a bright yellow for the caps.

    Found a perfect place to put them to dry... :P

    I neglected to get any pics of the shroud, but I just slanted the front, applied a few coats of bondo around the sides, cut the fan hole, and painted it.

    The dreds were hot-glued to a fan grill I made from the original mesh grill from the front of the case.

    On the front of the shroud I added a head-piece that was part of Lucio's headband, but I added the Overwatch logo to it.

    So the Lucio mod is now complete and delivered to Corsair on Friday. But you will all have to wait until they present all the Overwatch mods to see the final pics. Can't wait to see what the others look like!

    I would like to thank Corsair for giving me this amazing opportunity, and ASUS for providing the killer motherboard and graphics card for the build.

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    Amazing work with the printer.
    The color schema is pretty good as well!

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