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Thread: Overwatch Case Mod - Lucio

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    Overwatch Case Mod - Lucio

    Hey all, I'm on to my next build already (no rest for the weary modder!) During my Speeder build, of which Corsair became a sponsor, they approached me about participating in their mod contest. How could I refuse? All entries will be Overwatch themed, so I chose the character Lucio as the subject of my build. I'm using Corsair's Crystal 460X mid tower case, so this is the design I came up with:

    It will have a full scale 3D printed Sonic Amplifier mounted inside, with the front coming through the front of the case. And with any luck (and time permitting), it will have working lights and sounds.

    Corsair has graciously provided me with the case, as well as a bevy of other great components to use in this build..

    Crystal 460x Mid-Tower Case

    RM850 Modular Power Supply

    H100i 240mm AIO cooler

    RGB 120mm 3-Fan Kit

    Commander Pro RGB and Lighting Node RGB LED strips

    MP500 120Gb M.2 drive

    Vengeance 16Gb RGB Memory kit

    I've already started printing the parts for the Sonic Amplifier gun. I was fortunate to find a complete 3D model online, so that saved me a ton of time not having to create it myself..

    There are quite a few parts for this thing, so I'll be printing pieces for the next couple weeks.

    This is where a printer with a large print volume comes in handy. The Rostock Max has a 10"D x 15.75"H print area, so I dont have to slice pieces like this front disc..

    Progress will be fast and furious on this project, as it has to be complete by September. So updates will be sporadic at best lol.

    Lastly, I'd like to thank Corsair for inviting me to partake in this competition, and I wish all my fellow modders best of luck!

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    That's very interesting. Come to think about it, I haven't seen a Lucio themed mod before.

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    Update time.. I finally got pretty much all the parts printed for the Sonic Amplifier! There are a few more that I won't be needing, such as the hose pieces and hose ends, since I will be integrating the blaster into the watercooling loop, and will be using actual tubing and Primochill fittings on it.

    I assembled the parts to see how they all fit together, using just some tape and rubber bands..

    There's still quite a bit of work to do on these parts before I can permanently glue them together. I need to smooth them all out with epoxy putty and sand, then paint, then fit the speakers and light rings in and wire them up. And finally, in order to run the wc tubing inside the blaster, I'll need to hollow out the grip and lower hose attachment. So that will be tonight's task while I wait for more hardware to arrive.

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    Stepping away from the blaster for a moment, I thought I'd make some new case feet. I obtained a nice detailed reference pic of Lucio's skates, and will be replicating it for the feet on the case.

    We're just gonna do the bottom part of the skate, not the whole boot. After drawing up some vector shapes, I had Primochill cut some acrylic pieces for me... 3/8" UV green for the blade..

    ..and 1/4" black for the side pieces. I opted to cut individual pieces because I love puzzles. :P

    Actually, having separate pieces lets me bevel the edges before gluing them onto the side of the blade. After the edge treatment, I used a piece of tape to hold them all together, then glued them all simultaneously to the blade.

    Here are all 4 skates assembled.. You can see the beveled edges better here.

    Now it's time to prepare the bottom of the case. These feet have to go!

    Positioning the skates, it looks like I will have to remove the raised part of the panel that is threaded so they lay flat. There are also a few rivets in the way, so they will be replaced with flush mount rivets.

    And finally, since these skates need to glow, I gotta figure out the best way to light them up. I have some green 3mm leds with pigtails, but I think some short UV led strips will do the trick quite nicely. I just create a channel in the top of the blade for them to sit in, and then I'll put another piece of black acrylic over that to cap it. And that will also give me a good surface to screw into when I mount them to the case.

    Thanks for reading, 'til next time!

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    Getting the skates wired up..

    Here we have the skate, a short UV ledstrip, and the cover..

    Routed out a channel in the center for the ledstrip..

    then the cover fits over it like so.

    I routed out the end of the cover to accommodate the thicker end piece on the led strip.

    Now its just a matter of drilling some holes and mounting.

    I drilled some extra holes in the bottom of the case for the wiring to come thru, and hooked them up to a molex cable. This is from the front..

    ..and a view from the back..

    Feet are done! On to the next thing...

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    Getting more work done on the sonic blaster before I put the final coat of paint on all the pieces and assemble.

    Here is a reference pic from the game. In addition to all the lighting and sound effects, I'm going to run coolant lines through the blaster to give it even more life. So I'll be replacing the green tubes on the sides and bottom of the gun with actual Primochill LRT flex tubing, and running their new VUE toxic green coolant through it.

    I can't wait to see how that will look! So let's get started.. I've carved out a channel in the top of the grip to fit a small piece of tubing and a couple 90 plastic barb fittings.

    Fits in there nicely. I also cut down the barbs a bit so they won't be visible through the tubing.

    With the tubing on the barb and the trim ring in place, the blue barb is not visible.

    This will be the entry point into the blaster. Tubing will travel through the gun up to the grip and back down, then exit at the bottom.

    With the 3-day weekend I should be able to get a ton of work done on this, so we'll see how far we get!
    Thanks for reading.

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    Well I've been doing a ton of paint prep and actual painting over the last week, as well as a few other tasks, and things are finally starting to come together.

    I got all the blaster parts painted after fitting the tubing throughout..

    ..and I managed to figure out gun placement within the rather tight confines of the 460x chassis.

    Now that I know where it needs to be, I can finally work on the front bezel, and get the front part of the Sonic Amplifier mounted. First, I cut away a fan-shaped cavity in the main part of the blaster to fit the Corsair RGB 120mm fan.

    Whaddya know.. it fits!

    Now I can mark where to cut on the bezel. Oh, and since I'm cutting holes in the front bezel, I had to swap out the tempered glass for 1/4" acrylic. ;-)

    So with the holes marked, I could proceed to the scroll saw..

    Should look pretty slick with the RGB fan on and lit up!

    I'm still finishing up on the painting, so I'll save that for the next post. Til then!

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    Ok time for the Monday Morning Modding update, and I got a bunch of stuff checked off my list over the weekend... including the completion of Lucio's Sonic Amplifier!

    So I got the Primochill flex tubing plumbed throughout the blaster, so the fluid will enter from the bottom (yes that is a Revolver rigid fitting with two caps on it that I drilled out so the flex tubing can pass through).

    I also modified the Corsair AIO cooler to run the blaster in-line..

    With the tubing done, I could start assembling the blaster. I used these heat-set inserts (as recommended by the tutorial from which I downloaded the 3D print files) You just heat them up with a soldering iron and they slide right into the plastic.

    Wiring up the led ring lights..

    This was a royal PITA fitting these into the top section. Once I got them through the holes, I had to add the tiny speakers behind them.

    ..and in! But alas, try as I might, I couldn't get the led rings to work. I checked voltages, continuity, everything seems correct, but they just wouldn't light up. Too many IPA's perhaps... :roll:

    But no more time to mess with the lights now, I gotta get this thing together! So here it is in all it's non-lit glory..

    I did manage to get the front lights and fan working, so all is not totally lost..

    And I'll have the fluid running through it as well, so there's that. Next item on the list is the top bezel and the dredlocks. Stay tuned!

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    Just a quick post to announce that ASUS has stepped up as a sponsor for this build with some awesome hardware: a TUF Z270 Mark 1 motherboard, and a STRIX GTX 1070 graphics card! Wewt!

    And of course, the armor plating on the motherboard was screaming for some toxic green paint..

    The STRIX cover plate was painted as well..

    and Intel tossed in a i7 7700k for good measure...

    Thanks guys for all your support!

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    Another productive weekend! We're inching ever so closely to the finish line on this build, just another few days and I think it will be complete. It's always satisfying to reach the assembly stage because you know the end is near... but assembly time is not without it's bumps and setbacks. Take this graphics card for example...

    This 1070 STRIX card is friggen massive.. 11 3/4" long! (the reference 1080's from Nvidia are only 10.5") I was hoping to mount the card across the bottom, but it turns out the blaster takes up more space than I had originally thought. So the only place inside the case that it would fit was like this:

    But that would obscure the view of the blaster, so I didnt want to do that. The only other option was to mount it outside the case. Vertically on the back panel looked good, but the riser cable would have to extend around the chassis, and the one I have isn't long enough.

    Flipping the card over fits better, now that the PCI is facing the IO panel. This will work!

    Grabbing some 1.5" aluminum angle bar, I started making a bracket to hold the card, using the card's original IO bracket as a template for all the ports.

    Driling out the holes..

    Sanded and ready for paint..

    I'll just use the existing rivet holes on the case to secure the bracket.

    And this is pretty much when disaster struck lol.. I soon found out that the 1.5" angle bar wasn't wide enough to hold the card next to the case.. Not sure why I didn't measure or pre-fit the card, was in too much of a hurry I guess. Anyway, I had to remake the bracket using a wider piece of C channel. Turned out better in the end, but I lost several hours due to my stupid mistake.

    So the new bracket holds the card nicely! I cut a wide rectangular hole next to the IO so the riser cable would fit through and connect to the card.

    And I made an access hole through the case at the bottom for the power cables.

    The riser cable was a tight fit, but it works! It definitely could use a bit more length, but there's no time to swap it out now.

    I spent the rest of the weekend painting the last bits of trim, wiring up the case feet and running cables. It's a final sprint to the finish line!

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