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    Laptop Cooler Stand

    Hello guys, I know some people out there, like me, use a laptop as their main rig, after looking for a solution to store my laptop away while i use it at home, connected to my 29" widescreen, mouse and keyboard, i got bored of the available laptop cooling stands they have on the market, they all work horizontally, meaning you have to lay your laptop flat on it, and it uses a rather large amount of space when you don't really need it to be, so i decided to design my own, it would be aimed for High-End laptops that require that extra large cooling fan, and the functional factor as well, something with useful features, compact, and stylish, i find myself wanting to close the lid and put it away vertically, and after searching, there is no such thing for gaming laptops, only for macbook pro's.

    Moreover, I'd like to hear from you guys, what do you guys think of such idea?, so far some of the features i will be adding are:

    -Wake On Lan Power Button (uses an ethernet adapter with a switch button to turn on power)
    -Temperature Monitor LCD (small lcd monitor to show temperature, probe can be placed anywhere you like)
    -Power Meter (looking for ways to display battery level)
    -fan controller (the case will have 3 adjustable fans, position adjustment and RPM adjustment)
    -Cable management slot (a slot at the bottom of the case for Cables)

    What type of features you would like to see? is there any interested people who would like to buy one? I'd build them on a "per order" basis, here is a rough early design concept, the fan position can be adjusted to the desired height, lever is work in progress:

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    Interesting design. I don't own a laptop but thinking of getting one in the near future.

    What material are you using?

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    Aluminum 6061, maybe a few 3d printed parts for accessories

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