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Thread: [Build Log] Blue Snow - Panzer Max

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    [Build Log] Blue Snow - Panzer Max

    Hi Guys,

    A while ago I did a build for Cougar Gaming in their Panzer Max. I was meaning to do a stage by stage build log, but life, work obligations, changes in employment and moving house all came into practice and it kind of got lost in the making, so I will be posting everything here to see.


    Cougar Gaming
    Cougar was kind enough to send me out a fantastic care package. All products supplied are listed below, for more information you can click the respective links!
    - Cougar Panzer Max
    - Cougar GX 800W PSU
    - Cougar CFD 120 White LED Fans
    - Cougar Attack X3 RGB Keyboard
    - Cougar Revenger S RGB Mouse
    - Cougar Immersa Gaming Headset
    - Cougar Arena Mouse Pad
    - Cougar Armour Gaming Chair

    Team Group
    - T-Force Dark DDR4 3000 RAM 16GB (4x4GB)

    - 6 Eyes II Fan Controller

    Tech Specs
    ASRock X99 TaiChi
    Intel Core i7 6800k
    16GB T-Force Dark DDR4
    Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Edition
    Cougar GX800 Power Supply
    Byski 2011 CPU Block (modded to fit 2011-V3 Socket)
    EK DDC Pump
    Byski 150mm Reservoirs
    Byski 120mm & 240mm Radiators
    Primochill Tubing and Fittings


    The concept of the build was to try to make it as clean as possible, I planned on putting in custom panel cut outs to create a power supply shroud, and front panel shroud in order to put in a custom 5" LCD Sensor Panel.

    I would create pass throughs for the tubing in order to keep it as free flowing and neat as possible.

    Below are a few images of my design ideas on paper, and paper concepts mock up.

    As you can see by my initial designs not everything actually came into reality with what I was planning on doing. In truth I had so much stuff going on I kept changing aspects in order to make more progress, I am not entirely happy with the end product, but I am planning on doing a rebuild of it in the near future. But you will see what I mean when we get further into it.

    I will post some more updates real soon!

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    As Promised, I have some updates for you! Next step is some product marketing photos of the items I will be using in the build, along with some panels I have cut out and how it all will come together!

    Modded Byski 2011 CPU Block

    Byski 150mm Res

    Byski 120mm Copper Radiator

    Byski 240mm Copper Radiator

    Byski Radiator Product Shots

    X99 TaiChi + T-Force Dark + CPU Block

    More Updates Posted Soon!

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    So I have finished the cuts for the acrylic. I have a table saw so I was able to get them pretty accurate. I decided to do straight cuts and no bend in the acrylic and than by using right angled aluminium I am able to give the appearance of free flowing panel work. Below are some updated images!

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    Breakdown of the Panzer Max!

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