Hey Guys,

Ian here from IDPC mods, long time lurker full time worker, you get the idea... anyway wanted to start sharing some progress on my latest build. designed to fully showcase the latest update to the ASUS aura control software. the idea is to build a system that almost every component features aura compatible hardware. some of which i had to do custom.

we started out with this lovely IN WIN 303 Nvidia edition. Looks great, nice black chassis tempered glass, and a big damn green Nivida logo on the front and a green glowing IO..... that's not gonna work for an aura themed build.... sooo this happened...

Which when illuminated becomes...


(i put the link here as when previewing the post it refused to load the video.. somewhere a gremlin is working to fix this oversight)

Now when i posted this on my Facebook page, it was just going to be a standalone case mod, no hardware, just showing what can be done with a budget, and going from something good, to something amazing.... ironically, something amazing happened.... Dial back 12 months and i was sitting in a hotel room with three mates, Stephen Hoad, Ken Byrne and Jack Cheng from ASUS we had just finished hosting a seminar on custom loop water cooling for retailers and were enjoying a drink and a laugh before heading home, one of the this we discussed was different things we'd like to see appear on hardware and concepts.. one of those, was addressable rgb headers and full software control. i said its something new its unique and gives the end user basically unrestrained customization... fast forward to computex 2017 when i was doing the initial mod... and ASUS did it.... not only did they do it, the first board to feature it was the updated model of one of my very own... the ROG X299e Strix gaming. we then discussed doing a build when the board became available and they agreed! so here we are...

Board is here, i had the processor as i planned to do some reviews and comparisons with the various I5's (6600k, 7600k, 7640x) and i already had a strix 1070 with aura compatible block just sitting there. so heres where things are at now, im still awaiting many other rgb and non rgb goodies to arrive so i can complete this build. so ill leave you with this and a few notes

(note to self: cable management will suck without further "customization")

Other than the the fact the the Mobo is a bloody tight squeeze to get in and my aforementioned note on cable management i'm keen as hell for this to progress further, hope most of you agree

- Ian