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Thread: Modding Mesh / Screen

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    Modding Mesh / Screen

    The original Modders Mesh at ...
    ... MNPCTech

    A good selection of different styles of mesh ...
    ... DragonModz (thanks Thrasher2)

    One of my favorite places has A. C. Ryan Mesh, and they have Ryan's Mesh fan filters too ...
    ... Performance-PCs (thanks Thrasher2)

    Hex mesh at Crazy PC
    ... Crazy PC (thanks Taliesin)

    ... McMaster-Carr ... search ... "Wire Cloth, Mesh, and Perforated Sheets"


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    Modding Mesh / Screen

    Here is another Sweeet Supplier ucts_id=3397

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    Modding Mesh / Screen

    don't forget about ebay

    I got my mesh from McMasters you will have to put in the part # 92725T22 . It is a 36"x40" sheet so its a lot of material, but for a volume price of $60 (that was with shipping) bucks its cheap comparitively. You can split it with friends or keep it in stock for future uses, or sell pieces off for profit like MNPCtech and others.

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    Modding Mesh / Screen

    CrazyPC sells Hexmesh as well. Crazy PC

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