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Thread: Achromodic - by Boddaker

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    Achromodic - by Boddaker

    Hey guys, I present to you my next mod project: Achromodic! As the name implies, this mod will be totally devoid of color. I've always tried to do something new for each and every mod, and I recently realized I've never done a black and white theme. And with all the RGB craziness going on these days, I thought it would be fitting to go completely off the technicolor reservation for this project.

    Cooler Master was kind enough to send me their flagship case, the Cosmos C700P, along with an 850w PSU as well as their new AIO Liquid Maker 240 watercooling kit!

    CM has partnered with ASUS and ROG, and they've supplied the motherboard and GPU:

    Zadak511 also joined in, and sent me this awesome kit with RAM and an SSD:

    Here is a shot of the Liquid Maker 240 kit.. This has everything you need to put your CPU on water, and it's not hermetically sealed like an AIO would be, so you can add blocks or swap out components at your liesure!

    For the design, I wanted it to be sleek and elegant, as an exotic supercar would be, but with some organic touches thrown in. So the case will be a majestic white with black chrome accents, and then some random webbing will be incorporated into the panels here and there. Should look pretty cool when its done! Here's a concept rendering I pieced together in Photoshop..

    One thing I wanted to do was have a see-through center on this case. The side panel is smoked tempered glass, and it's interchangeable with the other side, so I ordered a second glass panel so you'll be able to look through the case, even when the doors are closed. The motherboard and GPU will be supported by the organic webbing in the center of the case, and all four interior walls will be lighted panels. So in theory, the hardware should be easily visible through the smoked glass doors. We'll have to wait and see!

    Thank you Cooler Master, ASUS, ROG, and Zadak511 for allowing me to get creative once more, and hopefully end up with a beautiful showpiece.

    Work is already under way, so the first update will be posted shortly..

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    I started out gutting the case and taking measurements.

    Then I was off cutting and bending some steel sheet to make the flanges that will be mounted on each side of the case.

    They simply mount to the side rails like so..

    After making all the flanges for both sides, I mocked up the center pieces with cardboard, which will later become lighted acrylic panels.

    Next step will be making corner reinforcing pieces that will connect them all together, so I'll have two identical side flange assemblies.

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    Making some corner braces to connect all the flanges together.. made a paper template, cut them out of some galvanized steel scrap, and bent them to fit.

    Using my spot welder, I tacked them in place while the flanges were on the case, so I was sure they will go back on after taking them off!

    Once all four sides were connected, I removed the flange assembly from the case and added more spot-welds.

    Love this thing.. it's quick and way better than using fasteners, if you're sure you won't be taking anything apart anytime soon lol.

    The corners will be smoothed over on the front side with body filler, then primed & painted.

    Work continues!

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    Decided to make a window in the front panel of the case to view the reservoir, which will be filled with Primochill's amazing new Vue fluid.

    So the first thing I did was draw up a cutting template. I basically let the shape of the CM logo define the opening.

    After using the cutting wheel for the straight lines, I drilled out the remaining curved areas with a small bit.

    Once the hole was cut, I deburred and sanded the opening so I could add a strip of ABS around the edges for a nice clean finish, and give thickness to the panel.

    A view from the front so far..

    And then after rounding the edges and sanding the entire panel..

    Finally, a shot with the reservoir. Now that I know where it needs to be, I can fabricate a nifty mounting bracket for it. And thanks to the C700P's interchangeability, there's no shortage of screw holes to utilize!

    Hopefully I can wrap up the res mounting this week, as well as a slight modification to the PSU mounting area. (the PSU is in the same place, just set a bit lower to maximize the space.)

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    I'm back! Been doing a bit of modding here and there, but nothing exciting really to report until now..

    I finally received some laser-cut goodness from Primochill: Interior light panels, motherboard tray, and a few other items. I wanted to do something a bit different for this mod, so I came up with a web-like pattern that has a random, organic look to it.

    The light panels will make up the interior walls, and are cut from 1/8" frosted acrylic.

    The motherboard is 3/8" acrylic, as it will support most of the hardware.

    I couldn't wait to get into the garage and see how all this will look inside the case!

    Adding the motherboard..

    ..and a closeup shot of the top light panel with integrated 240mm fan grill.. I got doubles of all the panels in case I needed more strength.

    Closeup of the back panel with a 280mm fan grill built in..

    After disassembling the mockup, I immediately started in with the motherboard tray, rounding all the edges. This will give it more of an organic look..

    I'm using my dremel with an 1/8" round-over bit, and will go around the edges on both sides.

    After a few hours and some cleanup, we end up with this:

    Here's a close up shot. I'll be going back around to sand the tiny ridges left by the router bit, so it's all smooth.

    Now it's on to give the other panels the rounding treatment. Thanks for tuning in!

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    Another piece I designed with the organic webbing was the top fan grill. Here is the stock removable grill, with the dust screen and mesh removed. This grill lifts out of the top panel providing easy cleaning. I'll be retaining that functionality, and just integrating my web grill into it.

    It's hard to tell, but the grill isnt a perfect rectangle, getting narrower as it goes towards the front IO assembly. So I had to make sure all the measurements were spot on before sending the file out to be cut.

    First thing to do was to round all the edges with my router bit, just like I did with the motherboard tray. But this time I'm working with only 1/8" thickness, so great care was taken so I didn't crack any of the thin web areas.

    About half way thru.. so far so good! I had to raise the whole piece up off the table so the bit would clear.

    All done and sanded, with no casualties! whew..

    Next was to curve the wide end down so it maches the stock piece. I used a 1" wood dowel to bend the piece over, and a couple scrap shims to protect parts I didn't want heated. For heating, I used my strip heater as well as a heat gun to get an even spread.

    Now that the webbing is ready to go, I need to do a little weight-loss surgery on the stock grill. First thing to go is the hex framework in the center..

    Then I went around the whole piece and trimmed off 1/8" so that the webbing would sit flush.

    Here's what's left of it. I had to add a new lower cross brace at the end because what little there was, was in that 1/8" area I needed to cut out.

    Now the webbing fits nicely into the frame, and I can still add the dust screen underneath.

    ..and the frame still sets into the top panel.

    The webbing still needs to be painted, so I won't glue it in permanently until that's done. On to the next task!
    Thanks for reading..

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    This is something I wanted to do since I cut the hole in the front panel for the reservoir window. The original CM logo badge was an unfortunate casualty of the hole position and was lost, so I am relocating it down lower. But I didn't want to just move the thin metal badge down and re-glue it, I felt compelled to enhance it.. make a more elegant and fitting badge for this case.

    So first step was to establish the center of the panel, and mark the new location of the logo. I had a few small logos cut along with all the other acrylic.

    Once the logo was on center and traced, it could cut it out. I made sure to keep inside the line so I can trim out to it.

    Initially using the dremel and then some files, I carefully removed just enough material so the logo fit snugly into the hole.

    Next I turned the panel over and added a piece of scrap acrylic that I scuffed up to the back of the hole. A single white led in the center should be plenty to light up the logo.

    I painted the center of the logo badge, but left the outer ring clear, as that is the only part I want illuminated.

    Here it is with the logo pieces in place over the lit acrylic backing. I didnt want to include the actual Cooler Master lettering, as it's not really necessary. Just the well-known shape of the logo is enough to identify it!

    Now the front panel is ready for final finishing! As I mentioned in the very first post and as shown in the concept rendering, certain parts will be done in black chrome: the webbing, top and bottom handles, and the front panel. I'll be sending these parts out to a specialty shop to get this done, since I'm not currently set up for chroming lol. Can't wait to see how they all come out! Stay tuned...

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    Did the painting some weeks ago, just never posted the pics.. so here ya go!

    Getting primer on all the panels.. Ziplines are good for other things too.. like hanging up parts for paint lol

    After doing the bodywork and priming, it was ready for the white.. but it got cold outside so I had to throw up some viqueen in the garage.

    After a few coats of paint, it's looking pretty good.

    Next was the angled side panels.

    All the parts have sufficiently dried and cured by now. I still have some color sanding/polishing to do, just waiting for a nice day so I can do that outside.

    Until then, I'm getting the other parts ready to send to the chromer's.

    Can't wait to get it all back and see how everything looks!

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    Smallish update.. didn't get as much as I wanted to over the weekend, but I did manage a few hours in the garage, so I got two of the four light panels figured out.

    There's not much room behind the bottom panel to do a lightbox of any depth, so it will have to be edge-lit. I added a piece of clear 1/4" acrylic under the 1/8" frosted piece, and ran the led strips around the entire thing, securing it with aluminum foil tape. I then covered the back of it so no light would escape anywhere but the front. The aluminum foil tape is perfect for this as it has zero bleed-thru and is very reflective.

    For the back panel, there is a bit more room so I can mount the led strips a bit farther back, which will yield more even lighting.

    testing the lighting on both bottom and rear panels. The fans aren't lit at the moment, but should fill in the center of the back panel nicely.. The bottom is not as bright in the center, but shouldn't be too noticeable once the motherboard tray and all the webbing is in place.

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    Amazing work!
    Love the dremel work you've done.

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