My dad passed away late november and he taught me everything I know about computers and so I wanted to build one in his memory. There are a number of things that I want to explore with this build. I've never done watercooling before, but I've done some reading and watched videos about it but having never actually sat down and put a loop together, so I thought I should ask for advice for that first. Next there's the issue of OS. See dad always liked Linux and always wanted to make the permanent switch to Linux as the main OS but gaming was always a big issue. After doing some reading some I discovered PCI Passthrough stuff but I'm not convinced it's entirely worth it and might just have a 2nd harddrive with Linux in it instead. Finally, the happiest memories I shared with my dad were of us playing Half-Life together when I was a kid so I was hoping to do a build with some Half Life themed case modding perhaps? Orange cables or lights? Maybe a Lambda symbol laser etched on the window? But beyond that I'm lost.

This computer will replace my current rig which I mainly do for gaming, and very occasionally I'll do a live stream or 3D modeling. But really, gaming is the number 1 priority. As for performance goals in gaming, a 4K setup would be amazing, but I understand to get both that and high frame rates with the settings maxed out takes a lot of power and money, so settling with 1400 is fine with me. Resolution is 2nd to performance and quality. Having the settings maxed for most newer games at high frame rates would be fantastic. I'm purchasing parts in the U.S.

I'm going for a high-end build so this is what I've got as a plan for parts so far: