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    GOT Mod

    Its that time again.
    This build will be themed after the iconic tv series Game of Thrones.

    Using a Corsair Air 240, I will be building out the case to look like a castle.
    Then with a combination of 3d printing and sculpting, I will be building out a dragon perched onto of the case.
    Not sure on the game of thrones badging. I'm sure by the time I get most of the sculpting done, I will have figured it out.

    Huge Thanks to my sponsors for this build.

    Nvidia Geforce Garage - Corsair - MainFrame Customs

    I will be posting pictures as the hardware rolls in.

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    This build started out with a Corsair Air 240 case.
    I glued some 1/8" polystyrene together to make a base layer to the castle.
    This will give me something to build off of.
    I figured this build is going to take quite a bit of Magic Sculpt, so I picked up 20 pounds.
    While I sulpted the side panels, my 3d printer was printing out the base form for the dragon.
    I had to print it out in pieces and glue it together.

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    I received the first of the packages this week from Nvidia and Corsair.
    There will be more to come from Corsair and Mainframe Customs.
    Nvidia sent me 2 GTX 1080's, HB Bridge, EVGA X99 Micro 2 motherboard, and a Intel I7 5930K CPU.
    The first of a few other packages came in from Corsair.
    The Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque 32GB 4x8GB DDR4 Ram.

    I made some pretty good progress sculpting this week.
    The castle stone work is complete and the dragon is all glued together.
    All the seams and flaws are filled in the additional sculpting is complete on the dragon.
    I applied the first coat of primer filler to identify the flaws and areas that need more work.
    It needed some lighting on the front, so I sculpted some torches out of flicker LEDs.
    I also started on the distressing of the castle.
    There is quiet a bit more to do, but its a good start.
    Finished up the night, by applying a couple more coats of primer filler.

    Here is a video of the torches I added to either side of the gate.

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    I'm trying to get as many updates as I can.
    I've been working 60 hour work weeks at work, so I don't have much time at the end of my days to mod.

    Using a Dremel grinding tool, I have been working on distressing the case.
    The windows and openings needed to look like it has been broken out.

    I have also started working on the Game of Thrones logo.
    Using my 3d printer, I made some lettering and sprayed it with primer filler to get rid of the gaps.
    The background for the lettering will be sculpted to look like a broken wood plank.
    After trying out different areas, I decided to attach the logo to the front of the case.
    I will be using stand offs, so it is floating slightly off the case.

    There is also a video link at the bottom.

    Here is a video of the status of the mod.

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    I finished up most of the GOT logo tonight.
    I'm going to call it a night and get some extra sleep tonight.
    There is still a little more to add, and I need to attach the stand off's.
    I sculpted out most of the wood plank and attached the lettering.

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    I finished up the logo, drilled some mounting holes in the front.
    I used some fender washers and welded some 1/4" nuts to them.
    Then, I used construction adhesive and attached them to the plastic on the back.
    I sculpted the rest of the plank, over the top of the washers.
    All I have left is to cutsome acrylic tubes to cover the threads of the 1/4" bolts.
    Also, being able to remove the logo will make it much easier to paint everything.

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    I received another killer package from Corsair.
    The Commander Pro, RGB LED lighting kit, (x6) LL120 fans, and a Corsair H100i v2.

    I decided to switch gears and work on my backplate cover.
    The second picture is of what I am aiming for.
    I started out by covering the backplate with transfer tape.
    Then I started by drawing the image onto it and cutting out portions of the image to sculpt.
    Can't wait to see this one all painted up. It tured out pretty sweet.

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    Sorry, not many post right now guys.

    I have to have this finished by thursday.

    I'll post some pictures from PDXLan in the first Nvidia Mod contest this weekend.

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    Ok guys, here are some final photos from PDXLan.
    The mod contest is today. wish me luck.

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