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Thread: Turkey day (US)

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    Turkey day (US)

    Happy Thanksgiving! to the US friends and everyone else celebrating today.

    Enjoy your Turkey and all the trimming... And Give thanks to all your freinds, family and PCs.

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    Turkey day (US)

    Mmm turkey

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    Turkey day (US)

    Thanks Krystal! I'll be sure to give thanks to the PC and the T1 connection.

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    Turkey day (US)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Turkey day (US)

    I give thanks for having a computer to borrow First time on the internet in like a week!

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    Turkey day (US)

    i had a great turkey day today, MMmmm turkey...pie....mashed taters...stuffing....corn, damn i wish i could go back and do it all least i still have pie

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    Turkey day (US)

    Thank you and the rest of the modder inc people ....

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