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Thread: new pics of gaming pc and main pc

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    I have to computers one is my main and my gaming pc,i got some new pics of them i have done some more work to them so i got new pics here are the specs for them

    gaming pc specs
    socket 478 mobo
    250gb hdd
    sony dvd burner
    1gb of ram
    3.06ghz intel celeron cpu
    muiti-card reader
    fan controller
    1x120mm blue led fan
    2x80mm blue led fan
    hdd cooler fan
    2x12in blue ccl
    led case feet
    custom front pannel with switchs
    logisys clear 550psu
    neon crab ram cooler
    XFX GeForce 6200 512MB AGP video card
    7.1 Creative Inspire speaker
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Sound Card
    case is a silver Logisys a-51 UFO that i paints flat black and inside is painted with some glow in the dark paint
    clear blue led handles

    main pc specs
    socket 478 mobo
    2.16ghz intel celeron cpu
    512mb of ram
    80gb hdd
    on board sound
    geforce video card 128mb
    4x80mm blue led fans
    case is a black Aspire X-Cruiser with painted inside red

    here are some pics of the computer 1st couple of pics are of the gaming pc and the rest of the main pc

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    Lookin good. What's the thing in the top drive bay in this pic?

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    it is a Thermaltake iBox,it is a little storage box


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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    I really like the case, What case is it? It looks very much like an alienware pc.

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    here is a link to where i got it from.The only problam is i order one for me and order one for a friend that i was building a computer for and it shows and says the side fan is a 4 LED Red,Green,blue and Yellow fan but i order them and different times and both of them did not come with a rgby fan it was only a 4 led blue fan that is the only problam i found with that [web][/web]

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    yeah i wouldnt be putting blue in it anyways, but yeah i like the case.

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    what happened to the HDD? :S

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    Looks mighty sexy. The celeron made me giggle, I used one with fear How much did that setup cost you? also what exactly is the mobo?

    @dexboy you may want to reduce your avatar size.

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    new pics of gaming pc and main pc

    the hdds are mounted different they are in there.The setup up cost me around $600 that is with shipping

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